We have a 4 month old colt and he has started coming up to close and crowding our space,he at times tries to jump up with his chest to us and tries to act like he is the boss ,well we of course don't allow that and I push him and tell him off.he usually listens

If he insists I put pressure into a shoulder or chest and say Off.
he also will move away with command Away most of the time.

His Mother lets him jump up on her rear and stands still most of the time and he stands up there like he knows exactly what he is doing.

I realize he is trying to be dominate.and Mom is allowing him to a point to play act.

We can't let him play act with us.Afraid he is a big kid already and way to strong and smart
But would like to find out if there is a better way to correct his behavior before he reaches 15 hands.

When on lead rope he behaves perfectly.

Thank you

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