acting like he wants to kick but mostly doesn't lift a foot but we don't trust his butt behavior 100%ow do I make a young horse stop with pointing his rump at us?

he is 2 .yrs old.

If something seems to frighten him he actually will shiver.

we haven't don't anything mean to him and always always try to calm him when we know he is worried about anything

He is a good boy as a whole

since we gelded him at 18 mos he has stopped alot of negative stallion behavior but his rump thing worries us can't afford to get kicked if he did indeed kick out

he lets farrier do his feet he stand quietly and allows his sheath to be cleaned

he seems bothered a little bit by putting on blanket but we do get it on.

Just we watch to be sure he isn't getting ready to take a kick

takes both of us to put on blanket and then he likes it

Just not sure how to get him past the postering his butt towards us.

Do you have any suggestions

Thank you



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