I am an experienced horse person but not experienced with training Peruvians or any gaited horse.  I realize this makes me ill-equipped to train a young Peruvian but I cannot afford to send her to a trainer so I am the only option.  :)

I have had 2 broke Peruvians who are smooth as silk and stay in gait effortlessly. Basicly I am wondering how to make my 3yr old that smooth and consistent.  When I bought my filly I rode the sire and dam who were both very nicely gaited and super smooth. 

I have just started riding my filly.  She seems to be trotting or partly trotting.  Even in the field she does not seem to always gait like the other Peruvians.  She is also far more laid back then the other peruvians, she lacks brio.  I am currently riding her in a side pull.  When she is trained I will use her as a trail horse not for show. 

Do you have any suggestions? 

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