My name is Tobi Martin. I am an American/New Zealander living in rural Auckland, New Zealand. I have a crossbred Peruvian/standardbred mare. I will be in Victoria, BC, Canada July 6-7 and Seattle July 9-18, 2009. I would like to know if there are any breeders in the area with whom I could have a couple of lessons in ground work/riding. I am hoping to start riding sidesaddle Peruvian later in the year, as I have done that a lot English style the last 5 years. If so, I will supply contact information. You may find me in the member's section. Thanks, Tobi

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There is a gal here on PHW who also lives in New Zealand, her name is Heather Batkin. Perhaps you know her? She has imported a few PPs from here in California. Let me see if I can find her info for you. I am if you need to know more.

Hi Kathryn, I ride with Heather Batkin all the time, she is helping me train my 1/2 Peruvian / Standardbred Centelear. She's great. Just want to meet others who can give lessons or teach me a bit more while I am in Seattle. thanks so much for any help you can give. Tobi
Hi Tobi:
Send to you the address of the association of peruvian horses of BC canada, if you can write email and they help you when arrived in july.
Best Regards

Peruvian Horse Club of BC
Box 207
Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0
Rob Sjodin, President
Phone: (250) 832-1188
Hi Hernando, Thank you so much for the BC contact. I will email as soon as possible, as I will be in Victoria July 6-8 and Seattle July 8-18. Blessings, Tobi
So sorry that I didn't see this earlier. My husband and I own Rancho la Colina which is located in Mount Vernon, WA (little less than 2 hours from Seattle). We are currently running a training business and employ Pedro Cantaro as our trainer. He has trained and shown numerous horses to Champion of Champions titles including the US National Laureada Breeding Mare RDS Luna Nova. We offer lessons, consultations, and clinics as well as accepting horses in for training. If you are ever in our area again and would like to set something up, please let us know. You can view our website at

Hi Kristin,
Thanks for replying. I spent a lovely day with Gil, Theresa, Randy and Pedro at Hacienda del Noroeste, so I think I got to know about Rancho la Collina, which Randy mentioned. I am trying to apply all that I learned that wonderful day of talk, observation and pure fun. I will keep you in mind and be in touch if I return to visit Seattle, where my sister lives. Best wishes for now with these lovely Peruvian horses. Tobi


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