I came across something called Q-Link pendants for horses, dogs and humans. The advertising says it provides increased focus and concentration, decresed nervousness and stress, more energy and stamina/leass tired, more calmness under pressure, and sleeping better. You tie it on the horse's mane or halter. The human wears it as a pendant. Has anyone had any experience with these?

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It is some sort of electronic circuitry which "balances" the energy coming to you from the atmosphere. I put one on my very nervous mare. She was at the vet's and the staff noticed she calmed down a lot. I gave one to my daughter who is undergoing great stress. She is less adversely affected by the stress. I would like one for me, but they are expensive. $200. for the horse and $100. for a person.
who wants to spend the $200 to see?
we sometimes have nervous horses starting training and even after they are trained...
we get a horse massuese (sp)? it really works if you can afford it...by the time the horse is worked about 6 times he is calm and ready for humans. luckily we don't have that many nervous horses. but, just touching from head to toe constantly will get a horse used to humans. we also have many dogs...they run around all the horses that are standing for trimming etc....
The name of the circuit pendant is Q-Link. You can google it.
Where do you live? Are you in the US? To identify my location, I clicked on something I thought was the USA and it now says I am in some American islands. I am really in West Virginia USA, six hours from Washington, DC. It is a mistake, but I can't fix it.

I would estimate that the pendant has helped my mare. She is improved, but she was so trembly and avoidant, she still has a long was to go. I do love her. I was surprised to see the vet kiss her when I picked her up. The vet staff did a lot to calm her since they had to handle her a lot. We all love her. I sent her to the vet because I have a lot of work to do here and I wanted her to receive top care and attention for the birth of her foal.


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