Curious as to what thoughts trainers have on starting a Peruvian with Carting/driving for manners and such before they are old enough to be put in saddle .???

Our boy will be 3 in Jan.he has good bone and size still growing of course

Only done long lines with him and lunging 


 I am thinking on having him taught for ultra light Cart so get him settled in with outside stimulus and the feel of things on and around his body.


Figure by end of a year doing this he will be ready to start under saddle.

His Growth plates are closed up his knees formed and closed in as is his ankles etx .

I do not believe in pushing a young horse Peruvian or other


I haven't seen anyone have a Peruvian in cart but maybe it just isn't a popular thing to do with them because they are built for comfort riding and smoothness


Just haven't seen or heard a good reason not to give it a try

So if someonehas a good reason we shouldn't give it a go until he is a bit older to go undersaddle I would love to hear fromthem

Thank you

Judy Choquette

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