Hello George-

Thank you for being our featured trainer this month. I have a question regarding one of my horses who has issues with having his hooves trimmed.

This is not new...he has been like this, we've just been dealing with it by going slow, taking our time and eventually getting done.

He will not stand to have his hooves trimmed, there is nothing wrong physically, he gets impatient at the time it takes. Saddling, grooming, he is fine. So he will stand tied. I can also leave him standing tied, he will start to paw when he gets bored, but does not get upset.

When he is being trimmed, he will try to move to the right, to the left, and move his body. He will pick up his feet, but after a few moments, will get antsy, try to pull his hoof away in the front, and will move his body away and take himself out of the situation as much as possible. With his back legs, he will let you pick them up, and occassionally will kick out, not full force, but in protest. He will pull away, and take his hoof away.

Under saddle he is a dream...this is the only area he has an issue with.

Can you please tell me what steps to take to go back to "basics" to help him be comfortable with this and to stand patiently?

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Hello Laura, Thank you for your question.

To start with there is a number of ways to handle a horse acting in this manner.
You have to teach the horse who is the boss and who is in control. They must
have respect for the handler. When you are working the horse don't give praise
with treats.
Tie the horse short, but just enough so he can move his head from side to side a
little. They must learn patience, I would tie the horse for 30min everyother day,
he'll try to do different things, like pawing, etc. Let him do it for he'll get tired
usually after a while and finally stand.
Trimming the hooves: when you are grooming the horse everyday, pick up his hooves
a number of times, if he acts up while doing this, let him know firmly that your in charge.
The worst thing to do is to get into a fight with him, he'll always win the fight. All horses
have a giving point. find his giving point and be smarter then him. This is a long process and
you must have patience, and this is a job you must do everyday. And remember NO TREATS
WHEN WORKING WITH HIM. Remember safety is always first for yourself.
Hope this will help you.


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