What is the most important training rules to go by when starting a young horse?

I am just starting out in PP and would like to know what rules will I use to start training a PP?

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If it is to start riding it, I would say:
- Patience, more patience and remember patience
- Don't push the horse too much, normal work is ok (Rome wasn't build in one day)
- Make the natural qualities of the horse shine
- Remember that the horse is learning how to move with someone on top
- If you get mad or any kind of negative feeling get down of the horse and cool down, then continue
- Start the work "al tranco" (slow) always, then move up
- Make sure the bozal is not inflictin damage, because it is a tool to work together with the horse not a punishment
- Keep the head to a natural position
- Remember not to just pay attention to the front movement, but to the cadence and coordination in all the movement (front+back) is what we are looking for
- Enjoy the horse and what your doing
This are somethings, hope it helps.


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