I was just wondering if there are any other junior members on here that have talent outside of PHW. I'm especially interested in who else draws. I draw horses and have my own website on it (it's on my page and so are some drawings). Also, clogging (dance) is a big talent of mine.
So.....any one else!! :D

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hi hannah

Im new the PHW (on here and in life.) but i also have some talents. I ride (duh haha), draw, i do dance, and im a photographer =)

-Lisa Walker
Very nice Lisa. I like to photograph, too. I am doing more of that than drawing nowadays. You should check out my website, I have a page that has my photography on it. www.luv2clog.web.officelive.com
o i like them!

i noticed in your photos you have arabs!
i own a pure-blood arab

even more exciting haha so much in common lol


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