I have been looking for a saddle that fits, provides comfort for both me and my horse, and enables him to gait freely. Anyone have any ideas. I am just looking for fun and comfort - nothing showy.

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If you like the comfort and style of a Peruvian saddle, try the Performance (Peruvian) saddle made by Raintree tack (http://www.cooleremail.net/users/raintreetack/saddlepads_trail$tack.html). It has rounded skirts and does not use a corona. Also, a lot of dealers are now offering saddles with a flex tree. I also recommend a good quality neoprene or gel pad under it, not the old fashion jerga. I feel the therapeutic pads are much better on their backs. And you can have trail ties added to the saddle or you can do it yourself like my husband did to his saddle. ~ Kathryn


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