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Comment by victoria Querin on January 21, 2016 at 8:44am

Chico de Joya is now back at home where he was born, living the life all horses want.  Eating, out in the country, being petted and groomed.  LS Tempe is owned by me, but being ridden my elderly friends who need a quiet gentle horse for right now.  I will be getting him back in October.  MLM Valentina is being ridden at home.  She is quite fast and I am getting use to her gaits and way of going.  RBV Lucero is being ridden and trained by Marty Wernley close here to home who trains gaited horses.  So far Lucero has been a prefect gentleman and is going quite well.  Three different Peruvians, each with a personality quite unlike the others.  Tempe likes to be alone, really wants an easy going life.  Tina is all strut and stuff.  Easily gets upset when things don't quite go her way, but she moves along and does what she has been trained to do.  Out in pasture, she may allow me to pet,  or maybe not, depending.  Lucero always comes up to me.  A little shyly because of my TWH who is always in my face.  But Lucero loves to have his face petted and his mane and forelock straighten out.  He likes horse cookies, too.

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