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Ann Sampson left a comment for Kaleena Arnold
"Kaleena, hello!  I believe we may have communicated some time back as I was searching for any info anyone might have on my Peruvian Paso gelding (dun) "Bert".  I have no papers.  I will try and attached a photo.  Ann"
Jul 7, 2019

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Lincoln, NE
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Mother of two boys, wife, family nurse practitioner and lover of animals. I have a Kentucky Mountain gelding of 17 yrs and just obtained my first Peruvian Paso gelding who is 10 years old. I name them PJ and Bert respectfully. Bert is unregistered and I was hoping to submit pictures and see if anyone might recognize this good looking boy and tell me anything they might know....I bought him from a "higher end" horse trader and I don't have any history other than was told he had trail rode a lot and traveled primarily between Arizona and Iowa. He is sweet as hell and beautiful (in my eyes). He does neck rein and 'knows' that once he gets that halter on etc., that it is all 'listen' time and business. He totally wants to please and is a true loving boy.
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At 9:17pm on August 8, 2013, Judy Choquette said…


Milagro Del Rey aka Elvis

birth date Jan 8th 2009

He was gelded when 16 mos.

Bay and at times a Honey Bay

at least once a year

he is almost 15 hand if he hasn't reached that yet

he was started under saddle in April 2013

Indian Bosal no bit

barefoot no shoes

He is on a simple diet and should stay on it

Bermuda Grass 6 pounds twice a day and a small scoop of rolled flat oats

very easy keeper,

smooth as he should be as a Peruvian

if some one wants to see pictures I have from birth until now

I have a bunch here on Peruvian Horse world

I am asking 5,000 but because he will do trail training more than he has gotten very easy

and is handsome enough to show

he is fast and coordinated

at this young age i haven't pushed him but he round pens lunges

He is a very soft touch for riding slight touch he is listening hands and legs

hasn't been on busy roads

doesn't mind running long side husbands tractor and it makes a lot of racket

he will go down the road and cars go around him

he steps over and around peeled poles

frontwards and across if ask lightly

basically a good boy but I wouldn't put a child up on him until he has more time in saddle\

bathes in wash rack,

farriers fine

good with vet,

Will discuss price with right person

We live in Chino Valley Arizona 

Have someone you talk to send me message here at PHW

if you know someone you would sale you own horse to

I have to know they are good people

and since they would have to transport him

Ned Leigh has his transport business he is our favorite trainer next to Anna in the state

Thanks for asking



no buck ,good boy

he is considered green

At 9:04am on August 8, 2013, Judy Choquette said…

Morning early 6;45 am here up at 5 am dogs make sure moms up really early for their first potty of the day!

I start moving early or I don;t get anything done,

realtor will be out on Monday to discuss us putting place up for sale,

we just did a refi but since selling is never a for sure thing we needed to get payments down to a workable amount,.

and the money we will get back at the end of it all will pay for our 18 days on road in Motor home and pet sitters money and the Doggie dude ranch

always something.

If while you are out riding your horse with friends please would you pass along that Elvis is for sale 3,500 wanted to ask 5,000 to almost insure he will get a good home I think he is worth every penny then some but so have had professionals tell me he may be worth the 5,000 but in this market folks are selling at basement prices,or giving horses away,

He has alot of stamina and sure he would do great on the trail

showing costs so much i can't afford to show him or I sure would like to,

this weekend we will bath horses again from June to Aug they get sweaty and dirty again

hose down when hot but not alot worry about skin problems.

humidity and flies very bothersome things.

I h ope your hubby can get a good doc or treatment I hear the Enberal stuff works good for some folks good luck but tell him to watch kidney and liver signals of problems just incase

camping will be fun especially if you can take your trailer and horse or horses

send picture of your horse trailer when you are done painting IAM sure it will look very nice.

riding your Peruvian would be good for your husband they are very helpful for folks with types of arthritis and bad backs.

He is lucky his wife loves him ,  :)

me I am lucky my husband loves me,

today is vacuum and dusting always dusty here makes me nuts,

Take care hug Samson for me he looks like sure a love



At 2:39pm on August 7, 2013, Judy Choquette said…


sorry for being behind in answering ,seems my days get to long and my stupid back has been acting up ,I will not have back surgery until I can not get up on stupid things

I hope your husband can see a proper rheumatoligist to diagnose him and they have a new medicine out for rheumatoid arthritis it is suppose to work real well.,

it stinks to have to deal with arthritis as it really effects all of our body not just bone or not just muscle,so I hope he will pray for help and relief it is a hard thing when it is hard to get to a good doc Mayo will run him through tests he may have already had but they kinda like to start from  scratch

he needs to know what is what ,I deal with it in my hands just recently sure hate that i have to have my hands for the horses etc,

arthritis stinks ,

hope he gets some relief soon

my neck 5 nuero doc  have told me no way so I just deal with it someday Norm has same issues we haven't tried to take real good care of ourselves and at 65 we pay for things. we do we shouldn't do, they keep telling me since I can't be made bionic I could have lower back surgery but all the same could cripple me so I am not going through all that.

We are considering selling Elvis  for 3, 500  wish I knew I could get 5,000 for him I think he is worth it and he has been started and is so good of course he could use time in saddle he is a kid still  but right now can;t afford more training nor can I consider showing him I think he would do well in show ring or I am just blind in love with him and think he is gorgeous

but not sure I can actually do that.

If our trainer would like to lease him her I would trust to take care of him .or board him there so we can go where we want especially when Norm retires in Dec

will see if trainer will also take our two goats we could still buy their feed and she has three other goats  and they would have some other ones to play with

mine know her and like her she fusses over them when she is out here kinda cute since I have them spoiled rotten. :)

anyway yes I do love him and sure he does me ,Norm loves him too and even though he tries to say he isn't I know better ,Elvis loves Norm too and gets playful and mushy with him,

we don;t have to sale but it would be best unless trainer can lease him for us or board him over there,she has one Peruvian mare and a Warm-blood at her place so if I sold Osadia back to my friend I bought her from Elvis would be at Anna's he would have company,and maybe not miss Osadia so much he thinks she is his mamma as she has been with him since he was 16 mos old.,

if I can get things to where we have no outside animals before winter hits us hard

after DEC we could possibly be somewhere warmer ,

we are thinking on putting place up for sale but we have to get 100,000 out of it or it does us no good to do that,

we would like a larger motor home and travel in USA for 6 mos a year and live in Latin America other 6 mos with 2 dogs 2 cats,cats are getting up there but probably since house cats have another at least 8 years ,they are 10 now

dog is 11 months and one 3 years

we need to scale down even if it breaks my heart

if i lease or board Elvis at trainers place she will ride him and take good care of him

and we can still travel it would be so much easier.

I know if he were there I can go over and ride him whenever I want to so it would be a win win for me ,maybe she and I could find a horse show to take him too.

she has horse trailer and  I would pay for gasoline and stall at barn and entry fees

just to see how he would do ,We had shown Diego when he was alive 3 time and he did very well,and as handsome as Diego was we Think Elvis is that notch above he has great conformation and is handsome boy,he might like showing off Diego did.

Anyway n

At 3:07pm on July 20, 2013, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Ann ,

So how ya been ?

We are good here ,Monsoon season upon us but we could still use more rain,

Horses are fine Osadia for an old broad doing really well,

Elvis is now 4 1.2 15 hands now under saddle and learning

smooth as he is suppose to be of course

smart somedays to smart,

He is a good boy and seems to like the attention when he is being ridden

We had same gal ANNA Penninger train him get him started now it is a matter of riding and work to mature I always figure most horses are green until many miles down the road 8 is a good age for most horses to seem mature and settled in ,

then again always one that doesn't settle in until older

He has nice Brio and a good mind

Wishing I could actually ride more still.

How are your two doing,?

Hot enough here for us ,Glad we have decent shelter for them during our storms and when they need or want to be in shades ,

most folks only ride early hours here and or later in evenings to hot mid day to ride

Haven't shown Elvis but not sure we will,

I haven't the fancy Peruvian gear to ride in show unless normal western type gear

and then still not show gear,

He may not like being shown anyway but then again who knows unless he was he is such a ham he could maybe like it

I always felt shows were for humans most horses could care one way or another

I had a Morgan Stallion he loved it and was a huge ham and knew he was awesome

of course that was 40 years ago,

We had shown Diego 3 shows he did well but they weren't the fancier ones and he was only 2 and 3 yrs old,

no riding shows ,

Anyway hope all is well and storms aren't bothering you all any

Take care


At 1:21pm on September 28, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Ann

Diid you watch the Americas favorite Trail Horse ?I watched yesterday and did my voting.

was nice seeing the Peuvian represented

Both the Peruvian Horse riders did an excellent job the side saddle wow I would have fallen off I have horrible balance.

Why I ride a peruvian they keep me in middle of their bodies gravity and I feel safe always.have never lost my balance on one ever.

Hope all is well we are soon we hope looking to Fall to come at least for a few weeks before winter hits.

My horses are bot shedding like crazy hoping this weekend to get them a bath to  help get the itchy loose stuff off and clean their skin before winter sets inand to cold to bath them.

wish we had a real barn and hot and cold running water.

Anyway need to write some more letters kinda behind.

Having this place for sale makes me have to do extra house work .I seem to be tired more and more .

anyway Have a good rest of the week


At 5:36pm on July 23, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Afternoon Anna,we have been on the run all day just got home and resting a bit won't go out to feed and do clean up until 5 so about hour and half from now.It is hot today and flies about to drive us nuts.Went to feed store got more fly trays spray and changing out their bedding .

Hope your flies aren't as bad as ours.

and we keep it really clean maybe that's why flies bite so darn hard!!!

We didn't getthem hosed downhorses that is this morning but will in am before it gets hot so we an bath them with shampoo that has fly repleant in it ,and put their sheets back on them and masks

It's hot but a very slight breeze withtype of fly sheets they have it helps them to stay a bit cooler.



not sure if your geldings parents were dna's then.


Elvis both his parents were dna'd and registered


so not sure I thought maybe the registry could send you a dna kit for himm and when results came back maybe they could cross referrance.


Maybe they can't

Hope it didn't cause you to much trouble.


Your gelding is a nice looking boy regardles registered or not.


I have both mine registered and DNA'd but the mare was already when I bought her.

Elvis well we did his to get his registered etc.

Hope to maybe halter show him if we sale our place and move ,I will show him in Panama.when we get there.


needing to have trainer out here for a couple hours with him but only use other trainers in little short bits only because he is young and it costs to have the good ones


we won't have an inexpereinced trainer with this one .


He is too smart and we don't want him getting himself confused or picking up bad habits.


I love young horses but it is a chore to get them trained and not ruined.

Just enjoy your boy I think I would he looks sweet.




At 9:58am on July 23, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Morning Ann,Now that we are friends our replies will go to your email plus you should get a notice on your place here that says if you have new messages .It is much easier to click on link that the messages come to to your email and then there is a  reply box like I am typing in now to send a message back.


Kol you have a Kentucky Mountain horse they are a super nice ride themselves.

I rode one that was half PP and have Mountain horse it was totally smooth.that mare like to get in high gear so you got where you were going short order hehehe


If you fella isn't papered did they know his bloodlines at all?

How long did he get to be a stallion ?

asking due to his strong you know?


Do you know where this guy was born what state name of ranch etc?

sometimes you can trace backwards

you could get him DNA'd to try and help ,

If that Horse person you bought him from have his parents or did they buy from someone else ?


DNA is such a cool thing these days.I forgot what ot costs but wasn't much at all .you have to pull so many strands of his tail hair with roots attached to send in in the kit.

NAPHA online you can order the kit sent  to you..


Have a good day



well have to get out and feed seems that's all I do some days but want to hose them down today after we go get some stuff to spray all around flies are nuts this year.

it would be neat to find out his bloodlines .just because.

At 9:38pm on July 22, 2011, Judy Choquette said…



Thank you


afraid I am not on daily but try to check in on my friends here.


I get notes on my email to let me know when I get a message so I can click on link and respond


it took me forever to figure pc out and afraid longer how to do pictures and answers to folks etc .


Our gelding is 2 1/2 our mare is 20 but she isn't his dam .I like your horse nice and strong looking great bone do you enjoy your ride ?


I simply can not ride anything other than a Peruvian any more can't'  take any bounce and post no way!


I  love my mare she is very well trained had her about 5 years now spoiled ole lady kinda like me.

Osa is a Dun stripes and all .For an ole gal we think she is looking good she is healthy and probably will be 32 or so so around awhile longer .


The Boy his mom was a mahogany Bay a beautiful gal.

The boys Sire is a chestnut

Kid has great bloodlines both sides


We love his color of Bay he stands out and in a lot of pictures in the summer he has a copper tone to him but gets darker and like now depends on time of year.

Hope you will enjoy this site I love drooling over everyone's pictures and videos of their horses.


I have a very good friend that lives in Alliance Nebraska

to cold for me .

But we get snow here too.

I'll check see if you are here tomorrow it is time to get off this thing for now

Nice meeting you

Enjoy the ride :)







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