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Watseka, IL USA
About Me:
as of this writing... 10/5/14 I currently have two pure Peruvian Pasos and several other Spanish gaited horses, mostly full blooded Paso Finos, and couple Paso partbreds.

Been a horsewoman nearly all of my life but in 1976 I actually acquired my first horse which was a Quarter horse. Since then I have owned several other breeds and in 1983 I acquired my first Paso Fino horse, a mare who was with me nearly the entirety of her 33 year long life, who became the foundation of my Paso Fino breeding herd and since have enjoyed riding, training breeding and raising my spanish equines.

I have ridden countless breeds and countless numbers of Pasos and in my breeding career we raised some 40+ head which we sold local and nationally and also exported stock to Canada

For nearly 4 decades now I have done shows, demonstrations, parades, endurance riding, gaming and whatever from the back of a smooth gaited spanish deceded horse.

What brought me to the fine gaits of the Paso breeds was the fact that if it was not for them my riding career and life with horses would have ended long ago because the rigerous hard bone jarring ride of the trotting breeds which did my knees in at an early age. If it was not for the smooth gaited Paso breeds I would have never enjoyed the decades of horse ownership that I have since my first purchase!

For a once disabled rider.. they gave me the ability to put my disability aside and continue to ride! Thank you Jesus!
I am a:
Owner, Aficionado
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I am now retired enjoyng my horses.

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At 8:48am on January 18, 2015, Michele Ripley said…
Retrincas on their way this week. I finally found them, but they were filthy! I couldn't send them looking like that!
At 5:47pm on January 17, 2015, Melody Tapprich said…
Hi Karen
At 11:06am on October 2, 2014, Michele Ripley said…
Beautiful picture. I'm sorry you lost your friend.

I know what you mean about getting away. My husband and I never get to travel together. One of us always has to stay home!
At 12:24pm on October 1, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

We're going to try to do a Medieval Times trip this winter to Schaumberg. I always try to get the group a back stage/stable tour. Maybe you could join us?

At 8:33am on October 1, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Sorry for the delay. Once I leave the office, it's a technology free zone! Yes, Nevasca is the mare with similar bloodlines to Milly. She's 21 and retired. A couple of years ago, she slipped on the ice, did the splits and fractured her pelvis. The vet thought she would have to be put down, but she had other plans. She is the lead mare in me herd. She healed and learned to run (and kick) with both her hind legs together. Looks sort of like a bunny. But boy, she still keeps everyone in line. 

Do you camp at all? The Club here has a weekend trail/camping weekend coming up. Its listed on the events page. I don't know how far away you live... Shawano is about a half hour west of Green Bay. Its a fun weekend.

I haven't been able to ride in 2 weeks! Its making me nuts. We had a huge rummage sale last weekend and we're having a Booyah party this weekend. I'm not sure if you have Booyah in Illinois. Its basically chicken soup made in a 25 gallon cast iron pot over an open fire. I'm glad you got to ride! I'll live vicariously through you!

At 3:18pm on September 30, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Photo number 46 on my page is the mare related to Milly. 

At 2:29pm on September 30, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Here's your other mare's extended predigree. She has some similar bloodlines to one of my mares. Milagro.pdf  Can't wait to see her pics!

At 1:16pm on September 30, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Here's a copy of her extended pedigree for you.  Tess.pdf

At 8:21am on September 30, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

I haven't figured out yet how to change the order of the photos... let me play with it for a while and see if I can figure it out.

At 9:17pm on September 29, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

OH! Mike. & Linda Mewhinney bloodlines. Very NICE! Do you plan on breeding her?

Latest Activity

Sherri Ann liked Karen Nesbitt's blog post GAITS.. the TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES....
Apr 9, 2016
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Well, yesterday I was on crutches... pulled a serious muscle in the back of my leg from too much kneeling."
Mar 8, 2015
Karen Nesbitt left a comment for Michele Ripley
"I am so behind in many things... sending thank you's might be one of them.  I received the retrancas!  If I forgot to send thanks ...shame on me!  Normally I do that instantaneously when thanks should be applied.  But I am…"
Mar 2, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"OK, I need to get a membership to NAPHA...it would be fun to do that Joy Ride thing..."
Mar 2, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Got a nice used rawhide head set not to long ago... wishing winter would go away so I can turn my office chair I to a saddle!"
Mar 2, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Pacing the floor on the arrival of another Peruvian saddle!"
Mar 2, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Ok, I have a Tennuvian...now what!"
Feb 15, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Oh boy do I have catching up!! I got another headset this past week...used, needs cleaning, but in great condition!"
Feb 15, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Nice winter day... if I did not have such a pile up in the office...I would ride."
Feb 7, 2015
Karen Nesbitt commented on Michele Ripley's photo

tricolored saddle

"Handsome boy1  Great looking saddle!  Fancy stirrups girl!"
Feb 7, 2015
Karen Nesbitt replied to Michele Ripley's discussion COLOR TO DYE FOR - DYEING RAWHIDE HEADGEAR
"OH MY! That is awesome!  Well, one never knows until they try!  I like the wine looks! Not found of pink... but a deep burgundy can be very complimentary!  Good Job!!"
Feb 6, 2015
Karen Nesbitt commented on Michele Ripley's photo
Feb 5, 2015
Karen Nesbitt commented on Michele Ripley's photo

tricolored saddle

"It is so beautiful!"
Feb 5, 2015
Karen Nesbitt commented on Karen Nesbitt's photo

My Peruvian Saddle

"Well, I solved the jerga matter.  I acquired some arcrylic fleece blankets.  They are washab;e and soft and absorbant.  I also acquired my headgear....missing the tapa ojos though so still hunting for those.  Almost bought a…"
Jan 31, 2015
Karen Nesbitt posted a status
"Well, its snowing tonite and I am dreaming of warm weather so I can get outside and ride. going to be a few weeks before that happens....."
Jan 31, 2015
Karen Nesbitt commented on Emily Knight's photo

Cold this morning

"Very handsome!!"
Jan 31, 2015

Karen Nesbitt's Blog

How do I fit a Peruvian saddle??

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 5:37pm 2 Comments

Well, ok, now I have owned a Peruvian horse for over a decade but I have never had the opportunity to acquire Peruvian tack until lately.  I have always ridden that mare in my heavy western saddle and never had any issues. I recently purchased a second full blooded Peruvian mare she came with a beautiful Peruvian bit and that pad that goes over a Peruvian saddle.  I think its called a pellonera or maybe a pellon.  Forgive my ignorance.  I will post photos of it. While I have looked at photos…



Posted on October 4, 2014 at 11:59am 10 Comments

I was recently engaged in a conversation regarding the gait of the Peruvian horse whereby a man trying to sell his horse had insisted his Peruvian racked.  Apparently I insulted him as I told him I would not want a Peruvian that racked as the rack is not exactly what a Peruvian does and that the gaits while similiar were not equal.  He clearly stated that his horse "racked" and was not about to back down on his terminology backing up instead his statements as "this is America, I will  (blank…


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