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I have been married 42 yrs. to my husband and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I love horses!

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I would like to meet other Peruvian Paso owners and breeders.

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Estaban no longer stallion.

Posted on June 20, 2011 at 5:30pm 1 Comment

Estaban's son Senor Mateo will take his place in my breeding program. Estaban was a bad boy Saturday night and bit me trying to get at another stallion I was leading thru the barn. Ouch missed 2 days work. Arm is swollen and painful. But I will live. Estaban is going to get a work out when the soreness is gone.

Going to put on halter on Mateo and we are going to spend quality time together.

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At 7:40pm on January 8, 2013, Judy Choquette said…

Hey Lady,

long time no hear but that is my fault.I have been so busy last fee months,Cute Miss Juanita liked the big fella nothing wrong with that..

Our mare is now 23 hope she makes i tto 30 we don;t want her to ever leave us,

we are about to hopefully soon get her trained and started in Cart it will be good for her and MY husband can enjoy her as well,

Elvis just turned 4 on Jan 8 he has gotten so big he is at 15 hands big brut,

there is a trainer in Yuma I want to start him ,them one here that traine dour Diego I want her to train him for trail water the whole thing.

by end of 2013 he should be verily polished for me to ride daily if I want to.

Hate winters here always count days ready for it to be done already.

We wen to Panama back Aug 20 thru 30 loved it can't wait to go back.

I would die to take Elvis there for more training and showing bu that is pretty expensive,

all anything takes any more is Money right.

As soon as Elvis gets sheds out this spring I will post some more pictures,

I have waited 4 years to get him this grown he is to smart and  a smart Alec funny and Osadia is ready for him to grow up a bit to ,He makes her tired some days but she has been a good momma to him him not being hers,she has taught him lots of things he needed from his mamma or a herd ,Osa has done that,she loves him like he was hers

We also had a hard time finding any decent hay here in our area if we never ever move one day we will have a nice hay shed a big one so I can have a full semi load delivered

but doubt we will ever have more than 2 horses but with a full load from right place it sure would last longer and would hopefully be decent hay

I don;t get it feed stores buy such crap hay and expect to sale it at 20 a darn bale.

this year we stocked up 30 bales at a whack only way to assure we have good hay ,right now working on a few bales that are nice green and sweet but very loose '

we have a hay bag for each and we weigh out each feeding,

Oh we fired our farrier we had had for 8 years as he almost killed elvis with serious bad trim it was touch and go for a few weeks lots of treatment and care and hours taking his feet back to normal our vet gave us name of farrier he works with and trusts x rays well we got very lucky ,andy way he has been on a serious diet for months and months but he is perfect weight no wand wish winter would hurry get over ,extremes in weather just isn't good for horses especially domestic

but time for trims so need to call our fella out soon

need a barefoot trim and want him to shape the way I want him to as Elvis's movement depends on proper foot shape as well.

ANway it is so good you ole gelding is hanging in there hug him for

Blessings Judy

At 10:10am on August 30, 2011, Judy Choquette said…


I am usually up as soon as Iam awake but today my cats had to drag me LOL

The heat here is beating us up.I woke up 6 am but if I could get a room dark enough I could probably sleep half the darn day.

I am hearing same thing from lots of folks .News just said Phoenix is suppose to be a 110 today iam so thankful we don't live down there and we will be about 95 today.

Hard on animals too.

I feel so bad for folks back east what a mess they are dealing with and way to much loss.

The Lord has his way of waking folks up.but it is still so hard to even think of.

I can't even bring myself to think of all the animals. it is just to hard.

the storm it'self did enough they always do but it is the aftermath and after conditions that do even more destruction.

I hope you get through winter that is ahead of us with out it being to hard on you  and your family or your animals.

Take care of that ankle ..

Hard when you are taking care of so many animals needs.

Hugs and Blessings


At 3:58pm on August 23, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Yvonne Glad your ankle doing better.That hurts like heck..iam such a klutz always getting in the horses way myself.


Iam sure you take very good care of your own horses and anyone else's too

Norm says if for some weird odd chance we don't move he would maybe take in a couple horses for boarding but I told him no way would they be allowed ours had one of mine hurt bad from a boarding horse a few years back.and I had shoulder surgery cause one decided to run over me .

Norm says he would do the work if he wanted to do that.I have enough to take care of house him and all our own 4 legged kids.but we have a great place for people that love to ride regualr.

Iam thrilled Norm told me we can take both horses to Panama if vet will pass Osadia for her health certificate and right now she is fine and healthy.

bet your little boy is growing like a weed send more pictures ..:) well gotta pack a couple things we are driving up to Laughlin Nevada tomorrow for 2 days them back home have sitter for all the kids and house.

take care hgs



At 4:11pm on August 19, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Hey Yvonne ,How ya doing your ankle and all?Hope it is doing better.

How is Mateo doing growing like a weed .I wish some days I could shrink Elvis back he is getting so big.

Love watching him with Norman when his dad is out back Elvis has to  have a big ole hug and hugs Norm back .He loves us both but I really enjoy when he wants Norm..

After a good hug and scratch from Norm he more or less prances to his dinner or Me which ever seems most important to him at the time. LOL

Norm said last night as Elvis turned to go and pulled himself up and high He is so Beautiful and sounded like the Proud Daddy hehehe I think Norm would do anything not ever to be parted from this boy.Kids got a piece of his heart too. :)He misses Diego as much as I do .

With Summer slowing down we are in mode to start winterizing things around here,always a bundle of things to do or redo every year.

Hearing thunder rolling about but wand hoping it would rain darn it!

We can hardly wait to sell and move .Norm says the second it sales we are headed to Panama to see Attorney and have two full or 3 weeks to look around down there.

Have Sitters for animals and will have a packing crew come in and do our packing

Starting to get our lsit in order to get things done for moving down there.making more sense now..Our list and all.

Cross your fingers for us.

Found out we can fly out of Los Angeles to David Panama with 2 stops and changes it is the best I could find .

But will need one That will  stop in Panama City and then Get a rental car to go on over to David for our first trip down then second trip it will be to connecting to David for sure.

I am researching getting Elvis out of San Diego instead of all the way to Miami etc It sure would be easier on him and on us too.

Anyway hope you are healing be careful kiddo







At 6:22pm on July 17, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Hey I hope you don't all melt to badly it is hot here too but for us we like it better than the ice and snow seems easier t hose down literally for us and the horses I love seeing your photos such beautiful horses we want a Gypsy Vanner or Frisian too but can't see us affording any more.The littlest Frisian is so darn beautiful...I wish we could keep them all babies.

Thanks Elvis is growing up to fast his body matures more each day.He has lovely extention and feel he will be very smooth as an adult.

He is still a teenager in mind thoug so some days we don't agree but thrilled he and my husband have bonded too makes working with him easier on both of us.

Praying one day we can show him as a luxury gelding ,Guess Gods plan was to not have babies with him but sure wish we could have even by just AI

Oh well a million babies to buy if we want another when we get to Panama.

Oh gee your little guy has such long legs think he will be taller than Estaban.

How is Estaban dealing with being gelded now?

Hope he is well.

Hot here too looking at a thunderstorm coming it so evening should be tolerable

stay kool be safe



At 10:24am on July 13, 2011, Judy Choquette said…


Iam so hoping when we get stinker to Panama I have him comfortable doing a few things just for daily activities and handling.

Elvis is a good boy but Spanish.He has his very good days and his Iam still a guy no matter what! but his stallion behavior has calmed down and very happy for that but he has so much Brio we need to be watchful onthe days he is bouncing about like a silly.

We both love it he is a talker.Not sure how a judge will feel when Elvis is trying to talk to the other horses and pretty sure he may do that until he really matures.

Norm mentioned a 3 day clinic I would like to take  him to in early Sept .it's local.

a natural horsemanship type clinic.

Don't you think it is funny how many people do Natural Horsemanship Clincs these days.

Even if Elvis doesn't learn alot due to distractions it could be useful and fun for us both.

We want him to learn some things before it gets to a point of getting him on an airplane and to Panama .

I will send you reg email they only allow you so many words here.

Hope your bite is healing and your range of motion not being messed with.

I think it is kool Baby boy can be in field with mom and dad.Elvis had his mom Diego and Osadia when he was little they taught him some serious manners within the herd.

hugs Judy

At 5:17pm on July 12, 2011, Jeanne Mattiussi said…
He is a dark Palomino.  Which I love.  Don't like the lighter colored Palominos.  And yes most judges like him, both under saddle and Zootecnico.
At 2:21pm on July 12, 2011, Jeanne Mattiussi said…

Thanks Yvonne.  He is such a great horse.  Serious about his work and very noble.


At 8:38pm on June 27, 2011, Judy Choquette said…

Hey Lady,

Gads sorry to hear about the bite.Horses are so strong and sometimes I think we forget that sometimes they have their own issues.Hope you will heal okay.I got bot many years ago by a horse off the race track man oh man if that crazy thing had of beenmine I would haveoffed his butt.I ttold the man I wouldn't finish working withthe horse if he didn't geld him.

Horse didn't wantt orun and had some bad attitudes and bad habits.

But by end of 6 months he was a very good boy,but I worked him near a year and he turned into a really good dressage boy.liked jumping way better than running.I talked the man into selling him as the fool wanted his 12 year old daughter to use him for jumping one he was way to much horse for the kid andI found a sweet morgan mare for her.


Hopefully when Estaban's hormon's settle he will have a different attitude,Sad to have to have him put down.Hope that doesn't have to happen.


Elvis hormones are down to planet earth and and he is being pretty good considering he is only 2 1/2 .

he is an easy 14.2 and headed upward.

 Osadia is a sweety as usual.she is 20 /12 and still strong and healthy.I sure wish we knew  when we are ready to go to Panama that we could take her too.

Just won't be able to afford two of them


Thanks for email ,huggies t baby boy and yourself too and yup even Estaban when he is in a better mood.



At 9:00am on May 30, 2010, Allison Morris- "ASHA" said…

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