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Charles Wilhelms Ultimate Super Horse Challenge

About 5 weeks before the event, I saw a facebook post about Charles Wilhelm's  Ultimate Super Horse Challenge in Sacramento on June 12-15 2014 .   Intrigued, I went to the website to find that applications were still open, and a clinic was going to be held in nearby Hemet Ca about 1 month before the event that would prepare riders.  So I signed up for the clinic thinking maybe this would be a fun way to promote the Peruvian Horse in a new way and just in case I could get accepted into the…


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Opportunity: ACTHA, Peruvian horses, and trail riding. Good for publcity and $$$$

Hello Peruvian trail riders,  horse lovers' and horse club…


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America's Favorite Trail Horse will air on HRTV on DISH channel 404. Check your local listings on cable networks. Airing will be simultaneous @ 8pm EST on DISH Channel 404 HRTV,, and Voting starts as soon as the episode is over @ 9pm EST and lasts for 48 hours per episode. Viewing will be available on until the next episode airs. To view past episodes you must subscribe to HRTV (see the special below!).


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AFTH Freestyle Day 3

So after the big trail ride with Mark and Dusty we came back to find out that the guidelines for our freestyle to be shot on Wednesday would now be two minutes long because a big thunderstorm was forecast for the afternoon.  Also, the requirements had changed from performing a certain number of obstacles to having full artistic license....other than we were required to NOT be bridleless nor stand up on top of our horses.  After all, this is America's Favorite trail horse and riding down the…


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AFTH Trail Ride with Mark and Dusty on Day 2

After our Obstacle Garden ride we had time to see educational clinics.   The person I most wanted to meet was Guy McLean.  If you have not seen his demo, you must watch one on Youtube.  He is a self taught Australian with an invisable way to control his horses.  The climax of his show is one horse is on the ground and he sidepasses over her with three other horses invisably in step.  For us he broke down some of the behaviors so we could see the training steps behind them.  It was…


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AFTH Finals Day 2

I am writing this from El Paso Tx and I can barely see my screen....But I know you are curious so here is day 2...


We started each morning with a meeting to outline the days events as a in the dining room.

On day two, I learned I was 5th to go in what was called an obstacle garden.  This was a small area with natural trail type obstacles in succession so that cameras could get a good up close and personal look at the horses in a short amount of time. We got a chance to… Continue

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Filming Day 2...

I hate to do this, but I am just exhausted to give you a good post today.  However..the day included an obstacle course like a very toned down extreme cowboy race.  We were not flawless but we got some wonderful comments.   We were chosen as one of 7 to do some special filming.......

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ACTHA Reality Show Filming Day 1



We are at a most beautiful ranch here in Texas with streams and ponds and grass lawns!  It is a Christian retreat center and the peacefulness here is amazing.  I have met wonderful people and horses and already last night I had more fun that in a month of Sundays!  Cavallo Horse and Rider has brought a gift for each and every one of us.  We are being treated like celebrities, with thought for our every need.  Cold water, ice, snacks, information, pamplets, and the chance…


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Update From The Road...

Hey there from the road in Texas...don't know where we are exactly but we have 3 more hours today.  I got a cigarette lighter adapter so I can use my computers 3 prong I am checking Facebook and posting along the way! We have a GPS that talks to us, an andriod, and of course my cell phone!  We get text messages all the time...and also I have been taking flip video.  This is to record those moments of when we shopped at a Harley Davidson store and when we had to stop for a…


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America's Favorite Trail Horse Support and Sponsors!

A big thank you needs to go out to all the folks who have expressed support for my Peruvian Horse Junior and our bid toward becoming "America's Favorite Trail Horse" on the TV to be produced via ACTHA.  I have received emails and messages and Facebook posts from a lot of Peruvian horse lovers!  Thank you! 


And then, drum roll please, NAPHA our national governing body, the Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club, the Central Coast Peruvian Paso Club, and the great magazine, Peruvian…


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The dream has become reality.......a reality TV show that is!

So ACTHA announces that they will let us know on Monday April 25 who will make it to the finals where "America's Favorite Trail Horse" will be filmed.  On their Facebook page in the morning it was said that 100 telephone calls would be made to those moving on, and that approximately 1000 had auditioned.  So all day, everytime my phone rang I would have an adrenaline rush.  Fast forward to 5pm in the afternoon, I am sad and trying to comprehend not being selected. I decided maybe my freestyle…


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The Audition for America's Favorite Trail Horse by Me Llamo Altanero & Jody Childs

Wow.  Do you have some moments in your life that are emblazoned on your memory?  Perhaps your first kiss, or the birth of a child, or the first time you rode your horse?  Well, our ACTHA audition is one of those experiences, where those moments in a pressure situation, with cameras rolling, Junior and I created a memory that I will always treasure.


So let me back up a little.  Our audition was this past Saturday April 16th in Norco.  On the way up the 15 freeway from San…


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America's Favorite Trail Horse...Could it be a Peruvian? Nationwide Reality TV Show

Me Llamo Altanero aka "Junior" and I will be auditioning for one of 100 spots to make it on to a new TV show where America will vote for their favorite horse(s).  If chosen, we would need to be in Texas by May 8, where contestants will be able to rub elbows with the likes of Pat and Linda Parelli, Monty Roberts, Tammy Sronce and many other notables. 

Once there, riders will recieve educational tutoring and support as well as the chance to compete against others to showcase their…


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RFD-TV Equestrian Nation

Peruvians will be featured on the show Equestrian Nation this week. I have been told that myself and my horses will be in it. It airs on RFD-TV. The Equestrian Nation website lists the show times.

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