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Trip to Australia


I have just returned from two and half weeks in Australia and New Zealand. I presented  a seminar on Breeding and DSLD/ESPA to Peruvian Paso Horse Breeders and to a handful of crossbreeders (standardbreds).


It was interesting to see how the PP has fared in Australia and NZ during the past 20 years.  In Australia they are further ahead than the NZ breeders, but I believe that if cautious and if it is possible to import some better foundation mares they will be able to…


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CROSSBREEDING has been used for centuries to develop certain breeds of horses, and to produce hybrid vigour in some breeds . Breeders who crossbred their horses did so for a very specific purpose: to develop a breed or kind of horse that would function in a specific job. For example, in the middle ages breeders crossed their phlegmatic cold blooded horses with the blood of the faster , more nimble middle eastern horses such as the African Barb…


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Some Personal Thoughts About DSLD & The Peruvian Paso Horse

I have watched the progression of issues surrounding Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis in the Peruvian Paso Horse since 2000 when one of the first veterinarians to begin study of this disease, Dr. J. Mero, discovered some startling findings. She discovered in her studies of 20 cases involving Peruvian Pasos that DSLD primarily affects the branches of the suspensory ligaments, that it is mild to severe, causes lamenesss either bi-laterally or quadrilaterally. These findings were a start… Continue

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