America's Favorite Trail Horse...Could it be a Peruvian? Nationwide Reality TV Show

Me Llamo Altanero aka "Junior" and I will be auditioning for one of 100 spots to make it on to a new TV show where America will vote for their favorite horse(s).  If chosen, we would need to be in Texas by May 8, where contestants will be able to rub elbows with the likes of Pat and Linda Parelli, Monty Roberts, Tammy Sronce and many other notables. 

Once there, riders will recieve educational tutoring and support as well as the chance to compete against others to showcase their horses.  I am doing this as my way to help make the Peruvian horse better known and demonstrate why we as owners are so passionate for our breed! On the other hand, the reason I think we may have a good chance to get in is because we are sort of rare and unique!  

Social networking on this huge.  There are about 4500 folks on the ACTHA facebook page and people are all being extremely supportive of each other and positive.   Folks that auditioned last weekend are raving about how much fun it was and the nice people they met.  Most contestants have Facebook pages for their horses and I have followed suit. 

During the auditions, there is a 45 second freestyle.  There are pics of a variety of skills.  I saw photos of people sliding off the back of their horse, sitting in the saddle backwards, putting on a slicker, tricks like a horse that bows, lays down, or picks up a hat with his mouth.   We are practicing our freestyle which will show the entire range of the Peruvian gaits as well as how brave and calm Junior can be.   Just two days till the audition!


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Comment by Jackie Green on April 17, 2011 at 8:04am
Awesome! This is so good for our horses....good luck!

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