Announcing: The Peruvian Paso Longevity Project

The Peruvian Paso Longevity Project


Our Mission: To provide a reference document listing Peruvian Paso Horses that lived 25 Years or More

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Verne R. Albright and Mimi Busk-Downey are compiling a list of registered (in any registry) Peruvian Pasos that lived 25 or more years. Since few breeders advise registries when horses die, there is no such "Hall of Fame" in our breed. We will make this information available on an Internet website which will be available to all free of charge and will celebrate longevity in the breed we love. We are also asking you to enter any horses that have lived to 20+, though these will not be listed at this time. We are including them in case the project can be expanded in the future.


Our Peruvian Paso Longevity Project is not affiliated with any organization, as we hope to have contributors from all around the world. We are now gathering data through a third-party survey. By clicking on the survey link below, you will get a form that makes it convenient and easy for you to provide information and less expensive for us to get it ready for the website. Kindly fill out this form with as many names as possible and submit it. To enter additional horses, please come back and click on the survey link again.


There is no limit to the number of horses a person can submit, You don't have to the owner, and these horses can be deceased or still living.


Please feel free to forward this message to other Peruvian Paso owners, breeders, and aficionados.


Peruvian Paso Longevity Project survey link:


timados Amigos Aficionados al Caballo Peruano de Paso:

Es nuestro interés crear un listado de aquellos Caballos Peruanos de Paso que hayan vivido 25 años o más, indistintamente si a la fecha están vivos o ya fallecidos, con el objetivo de que esta relación pueda estar a disposición de todos aquellos interesados que deseen revisarla en Internet, sin costo alguno.


Para lograr una relación completa y precisa, necesitamos que los socios de su Asociación de Criadores y Propietarios nos informen de los caballos que reúnan esta condición, sean suyos o de otras personas.


Haciendo un click en el link indicado líneas abajo, recibirán el formulario que servirá para registrar los Caballos Peruanos de Paso que se encuentren inscritos en cualquier registro delmundo y que a la fecha hayan vivido 25 años o más.


Para registrar más caballos de los que permite el formulario, podrán regresar a esta carta y volver a hacer clik en el link para recibir otro formulario.


Les pedimos ayudarnos reenviando esta carta de solicitud a todos sus asociados y amigos criadores del Caballo Peruano de Paso.


Agradecemos su apoyo a esta gestión que busca realzar la importancia de la raza del Caballo Peruano de Paso y mejorar su mercado.


Link de acceso al formulario:


Gracias por su ayuda.


Verne R. Albright - Socio Honorario de la ANCPCPP - Lima Perú

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Comment by Mimi Busk-Downey on December 3, 2015 at 9:43pm

There are also a lot of pictures of the old horses on the Facebook page Peruvian Paso Lineage Photos:

It is searchable, so type a name in the search box top right and any pictures will come up. 

Comment by Michele Ripley on December 3, 2015 at 1:06pm
If you look in my photo albums, I have a bunch of historic photos of some of the "big names" in twentieth century breeding. It's fun to look up your horse's pedigree on the Canadian Livestock Records Corp and then match the names with the old photos.
Comment by Michelle Franchini-Schum on December 1, 2015 at 8:14am

I'm loving this project, it's nice to be able to lookup horses that are either in a current horse you own or one that you're looking into buying...

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