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You may have noticed the new "Blogs" tab on our main menu. I thought that by adding this, it may bring out the author inside our members. Each member has their own Blog. For those that are unfamiliar with blogging, a blog is a sort of abbreviation of "Web Log". It is a place for you to convey your ideas, write articles and share your thoughts with the community.

The blogs do have levels of permission. You can set them for all to view, for only your friends on PHW to view, or for your eyes only.

Here are some ideas:

1.) Just sharing what is new with you, keep others up to date. What is new with you, your horses, and your ranch, or homestead.

2.) Marketing, use your blog to announce what is new at your facility or horses (remember, there is no direct advertising or solicitation allowed on PHW), but using your blog as a marketing tool is a great way to promote your ranch, and or services.

3.) Are you a Judge, a Trainer, or Breeder? You can use your blog to write articles to share your knowledge with our members.

After you have created your blog post, make sure to add tags. Tags are keywords that members can use to search for topics of interest. It is how they will find your blog post. When creating tags, use quotes for multiple words (For example: Create a tag: Peruvian Horse, you should write "Peruvian Horse". This will keep the keyword unified. For a single word, you do not need to use the quotation marks.)

Okay, so there a few ideas, let's move on to formatting, the blogs can handle html code, you can link to other websites, you can upload files to share, add photos, add video files. The blog is a very versatile medium for sharing information.

So there you have it....now that you have a few ideas to get you started...go get blogging!

PHW Admin

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