Hello....I thought I'd pass on some incredible information for the Peruvian Paso Lovers that know
this wonderful mare still living in the Northwest Today...May 7th 2009. The daughter of the famed
Multi-Champion Breeding /Performance Stallion- ANTARES of Meadow Springs Ranch. For those of you who live /lived in the great Northwest of the Untied States, and know this Fabulous Mare, Undefeated in Trail - 6 times Champion Trail - Performance, Champion Breeding Mare-Best Gait of Show..
Of the Great Northwest, Oregon / Washington... In her day she was the Mare to beat.
Every one shook in their boots when they knew she was at the show. WELL, this great mare is
now 25 yrs young and still moving like a Champion.


We just got back from a lovely trail ride in the moutains of Smith Rock State Park, in Terrebonne,
Oregon. ( google the park and see for yourself how beautiful it is.) This is where she lives with
her faithful loving owners, The MacNeils, founding fathers of the Peruvian Classified.
Well Sera, (as she is fondly known, by her fan club,) and I had the best ride. Still Beautiful and
full of Brio....paca paca paca we went for hours thru the red mountains and the running rivers of
the high desert of Terrebonne.. WHAT A MARE, and at 25yrs......no problems with this old gal....WHO SAID PERUVIANS DON'T LIVE BEYOND THE AGE OF 10??? (Because of leg problems....)

They have not met the Great ANTARES DAUGHTER; LA SERAFINA MSR+
...........Nani Bruns.............

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Comment by Kym Anaya on December 12, 2012 at 2:23pm

Yup, I remember her :) 

I was a horse crazy teen, grew up in Oregon, and loved Peruvians (still do).

Comment by Pam Elliott on October 13, 2009 at 4:11pm
I mentioned to Laura on PHW that I thought it would be interesting to find some of the "originals" and what they are doing now or did for a long time. Principe del Valle Joven, son of one of the first stallions imported, died at close to 30. Destino HCP, grandson to Sol de Oro V, still lives in Boerne, TX and was bred a' naturale (no collection) to two mares this past spring. Love hearing about the great horses. My friends own the McNeils "Julio". He is a fine gent and had 7 palomino babies this year!

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