Hola Peruvian Horse Friends - Are there any Show Judges out there? I have a question, or 2, about the attire for the Ladies To Ride Class and the Champagne Class. Can I wear a split white skirt (gauchos) and a white blouse, instead of my white pants and black jacket for the Ladies To Ride Class? And, can I wear the same, or white pants and a ruffled white blouse for the Champagne Class? I am trying to copy the Peruvian Ladies dress that I saw on Utube, from Peru. I want to acknowledge and appreciate the Ladies Peruvian Tradition. Please let me know. Our show, here in Pueblo, Colorado starts August 19. Muchas Gracias. Patricia

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Comment by Cindy Lemke on December 23, 2010 at 9:50pm
I used a vintage Butterick (still available) riding habit split skirt pattern for my show costume.  Gaberdine material doesn't show through, has a nice drape & wears & washes like iron.  Bleach & Maximo bar soap from Mexico takes out all the saddle stains after a long weekend of showing.  I have used the same skirt for 8 years & it is like new.  Hope this helps.  I did some professional photographs modeling the outfit a couple of years ago.....my email is caballoscondios@aol.com
Comment by Stacey Geer on December 23, 2010 at 1:01pm


I recently saw a picture while cruzing through the postings of a lady wearing the split skirt and high neck blouse with a beautiful long scarf. Now I can't find it again to show a friend. I LOVE the look!!


I looked it up and according to NAPHA rules this is acceptable. I have found patterns for split skirts and was wondering about Palazzo Pants and if they would look as nice. What did you ladies end up using?

And if anyone know where that picture is that would be great!

Comment by Cindy Lemke on September 4, 2010 at 12:19am
I agree with the appreciation for the feminine dress of the traditional Peruvian Ladies. I wear a white split skirt & blouse with a shawl and Peruvian ladies hat with a red carnation for parades & shows. I always receive compliments. One thing that attracted me to the Peruvian Horse was the traditions that surround it....the beautiful tack & natural showing of the horses as well as the riding atire.
Comment by Jane Holdren on August 11, 2010 at 9:55am
Lorelei Zoeger wears a long split white skirt w/ white blouse & scarf to shows and looks absolutely fabulous in it. I believe that she got it in Peru, not sure where to get one, but can definitely say that it is ok for shows.
All the champagne classes that I have seen have been "come as you wish" in terms of dress code but I think that depends upon the individual show and their rules. Would check with the show's sponsors.

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