Last weekend we went to a trail ride and had the most fun with my sister and her husband. They rode my Peruvian and decided that they both want to buy a Peruvian horse. They own a show arabian that was given to them but she is just so choppy to ride unless you are postine or at a lope. El Tejano made them so jelous for a ride like my stead. My husband rides a Tennesee walker and everynow and then she would get into her gait but doesn't maintain it. Much can be said for the hardwired Peruvian gait" the Champagne gaited horse"

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Comment by Michele McRoberts Brice on May 26, 2009 at 2:51pm
I am glad that you haad such a great time .I think about my horse day aaand night...He has brought a new world to my life again
Comment by Doris Loeffler on May 26, 2009 at 9:35am

Last weekend we took our three Peruvians to Ellijah Bristow Park and met Irene Taylor and Lyn Ryse with her Humo for a great ride. (both are on this list) The weather was about 68 -70 degrees. Lots of people and horses had already arrived. After the ride we hitched the horses to the trailers and gave them hay bags and water. Then the four of us took our sack lunches and sat down for a great time of talking about what else but Peruvians. We forgot our camera, but next weekend we will be at Mildred Kanipes, down in Oakland, OR for another ride and will take the camera. Some of the Grants Pass, OR group will be with us.

TTR Shalimar looks so much like your horse.

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,

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