By Lisa Bialy & Amanda Miller-Speaker

The Mile High Gaited Horse Club of Colorado hosted the “Mile High Autumn Classic”, all gaited breed horse show, held September 28-30, 2012, at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, Colorado. With approximately 60 entries, the show offered something for everyone. Friday afternoon began with a huge turnout for games, which consisted of egg and spoon, water glass, mystery fun class, ribbon race, gait race, barrels in gait, backwards barrels, pony express, boot race, train station and ride a buck. Tennessee Walkers, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Rocky Mountain Horses, and gaited Mules all participated together—adult and youth riders. It was a fabulous time, and everyone had smiles on their faces. Prizes were in class paybacks and a High Point Games Award won by Meg Purnell!

The evening ended with a pizza party social and “meet the judge” with Ms. Jackson in the main arena. This was a fun time and many exhibitors had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jackson and ask questions.

Saturday, the Lakewood Riding Club Color Guard, Amanda Miller-Speaker and Lisa Bialy, presented the flags for the National Anthem on their Peruvian Paso mares, and then began a day filled with halter, rail and versatility classes. There were three division for Tennessee Walkers, and classes for Rocky Mountain Horses, Peruvian Pasos/Paso Finos, and Open Gaited Breed Classes. Trail obstacle classes consisted of open, amateur, youth, and gambler’s choice, and there were high point awards for youth, amateur and open. The leadline class was lots of fun and it was great to see the excitement on the faces of our upcoming youngsters—and there were a lot of them!!

Speaking of youngsters, we had several youth riders who were giving each other (and many of the adult exhibitors) a run for their money as they competed in Open Gaited Breed classes and Breed classes! Loved all the kids participating!

A highlight of the Show was our biggest class…26 exhibitors in “Ladies to Ride”. I think it is safe to  say we really made our judge work hard to determine the placings! “Gentlemen to Ride” paled in comparison with only 9 exhibitors!! The side saddle class was fun to watch, with our mother/daughter duo, Amanda Miller-Speaker and Orrill Speaker, competing against each other on their Peruvians.

Saturday evening began with our entertainment, Terri Miller and Clay Speaker and their mini pony driving drill routine, followed by the Peruvian Horse ribbon performance. The musical freestyle class followed, with many beautiful, fun and crazy exhibitors. We ended the evening with the exhibitors’ social. The event was catered by Georgia Boys BBQ, who provided outstanding food. There were several door prizes given out, and it was a very fun time for all!

Sunday began with more rail and versatility classes, including Western Ranch Obstacle. During the break, we enjoyed a thrilling dressage freestyle performance by Jane Renner and her Dutch Warmblood mare, who had just won the state championships! High Point Awards were announced, followed by the championship classes for each breed and division.

The grand finale was “Best Gaited Horse of Show”, which included all the Champions from the championship classes, wearing their championship neck ribbons, to make a very exciting class. The winner was Watchout’s Protégé, owned by Carey & Victoria Devience, and they couldn’t be prouder!

Beautiful prizes and trophies were donated through generous contributions that helped to make this a wonderful and exciting show!

We would also like to thank the Mile High Gaited Horse Club of Colorado for hosting this show, and we all look forward to another great show next year!!

Learn more about the Mile High Gaited Horse Club, visit their website : or Follow them on Facebook: Mile High Gaited Horse Club

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