Yesterday, my new Peruvian was delivered ! He is one of the late
Connie Ribo's four remaining horses, BR Picaro, a 12 y.o. HNS Domingo

"Hairy" as he's being called for the short term until I can figure
out a good call name, is a sweetheart and a gentleman. A bay roan
with four socks, a huge mane and forelock, and a great temperament.

We don't know much about his trail experience but we do know that he
was shown in Texas up until 2000. The current weather keeps me from
taking him out on the trail for the moment, but I will continue the
ground work he began with his rescuer, Gina Gardner.

While he won't "replace" my wonderful Alpinista (who I lost to colic
two days after Christmas '08), my new Peruvian
gelding will bring her memory even closer. Welcome home, Hairy!

Gina Gardner, Creswell OR, has the three other geldings and is looking
for homes for them. BR Caudillo, a 10 y.o. bay, BR El Cacique, a 16
y.o. chestnut, and BR Curioso, an 8-9 y.o. chestnut. Please contact
Gina if you are looking or if you know of someone looking for a nice
riding horse. They are all VERY reasonably priced.

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Comment by Kathryn Grossman on March 28, 2009 at 9:26pm
We have a horse named Picaro Real - we call him Rocky, but one of his previous owners called him Pico. That's nice and short.
Comment by Kat Carlisle on March 9, 2009 at 3:08pm
Congrats on your new Peruvian's an exciting time , even tho it won't replace the one you lost!
I do know how you feel, as I am about to get a granddaughter of my beloved gelding that I had to retire. She come's so close to looking like my gelding....but will hold a special place for each one in my heart.
Look forward to seeing some pictures of your new guy!

Comment by Cindy Lemke on February 23, 2009 at 11:18pm
Hi Sue,
Congratulations on bringing Picaro home. I had considered buying him at one time as he is a nephew to my BR Montserrat. I am so glad he found a good home. Connie would be pleased.
I saw a picture of him being ridden in a show once, but can't remember what happened to that picture. He is very pretty. If I find the picture I will email it to you or Doris.
Comment by Doris Loeffler on February 23, 2009 at 10:45am

Congratulations on your new boy! Keep us posted. We want to see pictures when the weather clears up. I know my horses are VERY dirty from rolling in the muddiest spots they can find.

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,

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