Opportunity: ACTHA, Peruvian horses, and trail riding. Good for publcity and $$$$

Hello Peruvian trail riders,  horse lovers' and horse club members!


I have been a competitor in ACTHA competitions for several years and it has been  fun and satisfying.  I practice  my horse's trail skills at home from an instructional list found on the website.  Then I get to go to a lovely location to ride and get a  "report card" on my progress.  This is how it works:  

A CTC is a 6 mile ride, with six judges, and six obstacles located about a mile apart.  The course is marked, there are safety procedures, and usually breakfast and lunch are served!  

 An AOC is done in an arena or field with 8 obstacles with a gambler's choice option.  It can even be offered as part of an open house for a ranch with a lunchtime demonstration. 


In both cases, a detailed report from the judges is available online afterwards.


I have put on two AOC's at my ranch.  It gave local riders a chance to see and ask about our Peruvians (we have 15 here) for publicity as well as I made over $500 with only 19 riders the first time.


Please consider attending or hosting some ACTHA events.  I can be contacted for further information!



Jody Childs









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Comment by Laura Mesia on November 30, 2013 at 9:58am

Jody, thanks so much for sharing this information with us here. I'm going to post this on our Facebook page as well!  You do such a great job of promoting the Peruvian Horse, thank you for providing us with some great information that will help others do the same!

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