A friend just texted me the cover photo of COWGIRL Magazine featuring the beautiful buckskin stallion Leon Gitano BSN.  I am thrilled to see a photo of a Peruvian Horse on something other than our breed's own communiques & print materials.  I would love to see Peruvian photos in all-breed horse calendars and magazines.  My husband and I used to give AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) to his clients each year, and I often wondered how one would go about getting a Peruvian on one of those calendar pages.

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Comment by Kelly Powers on February 12, 2014 at 5:24pm

Connect with photographers who submit photos for editorial content, or who are hired for magazine fashion layouts, calendars, etc.  I think Sandy Nathan has contacts with editorial staff on Cowgirl magazine, and being in the Santa Ynez Valley its a great spot for photo shoots. 

There have been many peruvian horses in calendars, books, catalogs, editorial, etc.   Barbara Windom's horses have been featured in books & calendars (namely Tony Stromberg), my stallions have also been used many times for editorial & stock content (Coronado & I were in a 2012 Horse Women Calendar and I had a photographer request & shoot Tradicional, Fastigio & I for other calendar submissions). Charlotte Becerra's stallion was picked out of their whole herd of horses for a fashion shoot for C magazine. 

I saw the cover photo on their site - great shot! Nice they used the peruvian halter! 

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