Forgive me for my newbie ignorance.  I cannot find any real good pictures on how to put tack on a Peruvian.  Anyone know of anything out there?   I would love to get all the gear for my mare, but alas it's going to have to be one piece at a time.   How exactly to the stirrups attach?   Can they be attached to a western saddle?  I have a very nice flex tree western saddle that fits her well and I'd rather keep using it.   However I would like to switch the stirrups on it to the Peruvian stirrups.  Anyone ever attached them to a western saddle?   Just curious, but what kinds of girths are used with Peruvian saddles?  Some that I've seen online look just like plain leather straps.  I have discovered my mare cannot tolerate anything neopreme.    

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Comment by Michele Ripley on November 15, 2014 at 10:52am
Give Peruvian Tack in California a call. (805) 482-3145. They have a book on How To Tack The Peruvian Horse. It's like $20 with shipping. Totally worth it. Cheryl Aldrich used to have a VHS on Unravelling The Mystery of Peruvian tack, but nothing in DVD. I just called her to double check. Good news is, her website is back up and on line.
Comment by Brad Kruger on November 14, 2014 at 10:45pm

The Peruvian stirrups are attached to the Peruvian saddle using leather stirrup straps. It is just a leather strap with holes to allow the buckle on the stirrups to be attached . You probably can put those through the stirrup ring on a western saddle. The problem may be the stirrups will not extend down long enough.

In that case and what I have used is a longer stirrup strap with its own buckle. You can just use that and run it through the buckle on the Peruvian stirrup without actually using the Peruvian stirrup to buckle onto the strap. Something like this:

The Peruvian cinch is a string cinch. You should be able to use any type western cinch with a Peruvian saddle. A western 15 or 27 strand string cinch would work.

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