The dream has become reality.......a reality TV show that is!

So ACTHA announces that they will let us know on Monday April 25 who will make it to the finals where "America's Favorite Trail Horse" will be filmed.  On their Facebook page in the morning it was said that 100 telephone calls would be made to those moving on, and that approximately 1000 had auditioned.  So all day, everytime my phone rang I would have an adrenaline rush.  Fast forward to 5pm in the afternoon, I am sad and trying to comprehend not being selected. I decided maybe my freestyle was too over the top.   Then at 6pm I get a call from a friend that people on Facebook are just finding out if they made it.  And that the website has crashed due to so many hits!  So home at 8:45 I go online, see "click here to see the results of your audition", close my eyes, click, open my eyes.......and I see the words..."Congratulations you have been chosen" and I stare at my computer in exhausted disbelief!  We made it!  They must have liked us and it must have been ok to slap my horse with the raincoat afterall!


Then I am so excited I am up till 2am.  I scan Facebook to find out who else made it and especially from California.  A great gal with an awesome Mule made it also.  I send her an email to see if she might want to "horse trailer pool".  Turns out she just got a 4H LQ and yes sharing expenses is of interest.  Yippee, by 8am I have my ride to Texas. 


 All 100 finalists meet at the Franklin Family Ranch in Blanco by 6pm May 8th. Filming will take place May 9-11 and possibly the 12th.   It looks gorgeous there and they have overnight accomodations for humans and horses.  I order Junior a box stall, and myself a room.  They even have a great meal plan for just $25 per day, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Yippee!


So I am wondering.  How many of those 100 can I get to take a spin around the block on Junior?  Can I get Monty Roberts or Pat Parelli to ride him?  Mark Peterson from "Mark and Dusty" fame will be the TV host for the series.  Dusty is a palomino Kentucky Mountain horse.  Ohh..I want Mark to ride Junior!   I just know they will be amazed how riding Junior is just like floating...


I am a horse trainer with about 30 kids and adults that lesson between once or four times per week.  About half of my business is Peruvians, and the other is hunter/jumper.  They are all being very supportive and rearranging their lessons so that I can have the span of time to chase this amazing opportunity.  Oh, and I could possibly win money!   Each episode winner gets $5000, there will be 10 of those.  And the top 3 get $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000 and I do not know how that is determined.


What a thrill.  To chase a dream, and be able to showcase my horse, a PERUVIAN!  How fitting is his name......Me Llamo Altanero.....My name is Pride.............and yes, he is a son of Me Llamo Peru.


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Comment by Laura Mesia on April 28, 2011 at 4:35pm


I'm delivering a message for members Ann Barnes and Ron Thorp :


"Let Jody know I loved her video. What a great representation of the Peruvian as a Trail horse. We have 10 trail geldings and we love trail riding and choose to not show them very often. This is what we enjoy. I hope she won. She was GREAT."


Comment by Denise McLean on April 28, 2011 at 11:52am
Awesome are an inspiration to all of us Peruvian horse fans and owners! Have a great time!
Comment by Ricki Lechler on April 27, 2011 at 1:10pm
Jody:  Do you have any info yet on how the voting will be done?
Comment by Nancy Cox on April 27, 2011 at 12:43pm
I am a fairly new Peruvian owner and so excited you were chosen!
Comment by Linda West on April 27, 2011 at 10:26am

Jody:  As one of your students I am so proud of you and Junior and me and General, Junior's stall buddy, wish you both a safe journey and an amazing good time! We can't wait for you to come back home and tell us all the fun stories of things that happened while you were away!


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