Hey there from the road in Texas...don't know where we are exactly but we have 3 more hours today.  I got a cigarette lighter adapter so I can use my computers 3 prong plug....so I am checking Facebook and posting along the way! We have a GPS that talks to us, an andriod, and of course my cell phone!  We get text messages all the time...and also I have been taking flip video.  This is to record those moments of when we shopped at a Harley Davidson store and when we had to stop for a DWI State trooper  check in New Mexico.  OH AND WHEN THOUGHT WE ALMOST RAN OUT OF GAS!

 Jen and her mule Jester are wonderful hots....Jen and I have had a blast chatting and the equines....they are buddies.  Junior is so easy going, I appreciate things about him I hadn't thought of before....doesn't buddy up and stressed, will eat and drink consistently, adapts to new evnvirnoments quickly,  has super strong legs and never swells,  We spent last night in New Mexico at an overnight stabling facility with hook-ups.  This is a brand new 4HLq but we got it all hooked up, just us girls, and fed the animals...but we didn't get done with driving and that until midnight.  So  I am proud to say we were on the way by 620 this am, and our ETA to our next camping location is 545 tonight.


Next update will be tomorrow...so bye for now from Jody, and Junior, and Jen and Jester.....on the road again...........



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