What is hands on healing for horses?

Hands on (or natural healing) is the placement of your hands on the horse and channeling the universal energy that exists around us into the horse at different places on it's body. Universal Energy is the natural energy that exist and connects every living thing on the planet. Natural healing is a holistic therapy (it deals with the whole body not just part of it). This natural energy is available to everyone and everything. It is non selective and can only do good. It will find the area's to be treated, although an intuitive healer can and does instinctively know where to place there hands for max' intensity.


Why would an equine need Healing?


 Equines like humans and all other mammals have a complex layer of levels that require to be in balance to enable health to be maintained. Health comes from the balance of the physical and emotional states. Also the spiritual state. Natural healing deals with both of these states of wellness. Physical wellness comes from the balance of the chakra system that the body has (a horse/animals has 8 chakra's, humans have 7). Natural healing also applies healing energies to specific body parts releasing endorphins easing pain and helping in a quicker recovery. The chakra system ensures the energies within the body are recirculated. If the chakra system becomes blocked or is slow then the body (and it's parts (heart, lungs, liver etc) do not regenerate or function as required and this can lead to pain, disease and discomfort. The emotional side comes from communication on a subtle level. Horses like almost every other animal cannot communicate it's discomfort, anger, sadness or any other emotion that we as humans feel, in the same way that we do. When was the last time you saw your horse cry? What do you feel like when you do not cry when you need to? Anger, resentment and bitterness are what equines store in there system if there emotional states are not being looked after properly. Horses grieve loss of close friends like stable mates, or grazing friends that suddenly depart and are not seen again. Emotional unbalance can lead to unusual or sudden unexplained behaviour including lack of gusto or the horse going off it's food. These are only examples of what happens and are not exhaustive list of complaints. Every horse is different and will react in a different way.

Is your horse balanced physically and emotionally?

In the next Blog I will give a you a feel of what occurs during a healing to both horse and owner. It's important that the owner (rider) takes part in the process.

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Comment by Gordon Irwine on May 12, 2011 at 4:27pm
Yes Carol, the collective power of prayer is a very potent healer. I always ask the vital spark for the best to come of the situation for it is something I have no control over. I am only a channel for the energy to travel through. What we often start out believing is the problem often is not the root cause of the manifestation of the condition. Also, as you pray and as i channel we are sending out unconditional love to the horse. Horses feel that love, and if you watch carefully into the eyes of horse as you start the healing process you will see that love given back ten fold. It's part of their communication process.
Comment by Carol Manson on May 12, 2011 at 12:52pm


Agree that laying on hands works! I have prayed and asked God to heal my animals on many occasions.  I believe we have seen that healing work a number of times.  As a christian, I believe Jesus' teaching that we have the open door to ask God for his mercy and intervention.  Probably the most dramatic healing I have been part of with animals was the quick healing of a horse's bottom lip that had been fly bitten and went undetected for a few days.  Flies had attacked the open sore repeatedly, and the horse's owner had cleaned out maggots several times. Anyone in that battle knows that it's a cycle of cleaning, hoping it heals, but having to re-open it to clean.  On the lips, the area is bothered constantly with the horse's eating and drinking, and so hard to keep clean as well as dry.  But the owner and I laid hands on the horse and prayed several weeks into this cycle, and saw it turn around in a few days.  We got over a hump in the recovery that only happened after the prayer. Glad that you've opened this area for discussion and sharing as I'm guessing many others have had similiar experiences!

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