Wintec Synthetic Austrailian Style Saddle

I own the full set of Peruvian Show tack.  I ride my wonderful Peruvian daily, and even though I clean my tack regularly, it does get scratched and worn with daily use. I would like to purchase a Wintec synthetic saddle and was wondering if anyone had experience with the Austrailian style Wintec. I would really like to preserve my beautiful Peruvian tack for shows, parades, etc. Any suggestions?

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Comment by Lee on September 3, 2011 at 8:58am

Pat, did you find an Aussie saddle yet?  Last month, I rode Vista in our first show (not a Peruvian show, but an all gaited breed show).  I was pleased as punch that she won 1st place in halter mares (against 8 other mares!)  I rode in the rail classes on my Aussie.  After halter, we did barrel racing and some other speed classes (most were fastest in gait, but we also did barrels for fastest time and we lost to Vista's sire, Altivo).  Then the rest of the day was rail classes.  We were in about every other class, it was a long hard day in the sun.  But the aussie saddle stood the test for both Vista and me.  I LOVE that saddle!

Comment by Lee on July 19, 2011 at 9:01pm

I love my Aussie saddle, but it is a Down Under, not Wintec (although I also ride with my Wintec AP 500).  I love both of these saddles and wouldn't trade them for the world.  The Wintec is awesome for short trail rides, and the Aussie is great for long trail rides and horse camping.


Wish I could help more, but definitely the aussie saddle works very well for the Peruvians!



Comment by Kym Anaya on July 12, 2011 at 4:05pm
Oops, forgot to add that I have not seen any good synthetic Aussies nor heard any good reviews on any synthetic Aussie, you'd be better off getting a leather one. And again, the best are the Down Under Collection and the Ride About Series I mentioned in the previous post, but the Kimberly Series is a decent economy Aussie.
Comment by Kym Anaya on July 12, 2011 at 9:48am

Hi Patricia.

I owned a Wintec AP before and it was a comfy saddle, but don't have experience with their Aussie model. Whenever I hear reviews about Wintec Aussies, I don't hear many good things about them, the biggest complaints I hear are the rigging and that it is really bad quality for the price tag. I think I have only heard one good report and even they thought the saddle was ugly and didn't like the rigging on the saddle.

I do have Aussie saddles and love them, they are extremely comfy, for both me and my horses. Especially my one mare who will buck if the saddle isn't fitting right. I have not had one tiny problem since I started riding her in an Aussie two years ago :). The one time I put another saddle on her since, she acted up, so I know it's the saddle.


I would suggest either the Down Under Collection from Down Under Saddle supply (the Kimberly series is ok too, my friend has a whole bunch of them, but I don't think they are the best quality), or the Ride About series from I own a Barcoo from Kates and I find it far more comfortable with a narrower twist than the Down Under, has a better warranty too (they are having an awesome clearance sale right now, you can get one for a fraction of what they usually cost because some are closeout and others they got a whole bunch without the tooling they advertise).


If you have a wide backed and/or mutton withered horse or have problems with saddle roll (or have several horses that you need to use one saddle on), the Barcoo's fleece panels would work the best, but if you have one horse with a fairly average back/wither, the serge panels are awesome as they conform over a relatively short time to fit your horse like a glove. My first Aussie was a serge panel, but because my mare is a barrel on legs, and I sometimes use the saddle on my husband's horse, I have switched to fleece panel.

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