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At 9:22pm on August 9, 2016, Maria Biasiotto said…

Hi Laura,

I would like to find a nice little PP colt/yearling/gelding to raise up.

I want a quiet, 1/10, easy going with excellent legs and barefoot hoofs.

Any ideas?


Maria   I am in Tehachapi, Ca. area.

At 10:30am on April 26, 2015, Robin Wilson said…

Thank you accepting my request to join. About two months ago my husband I adopted a PP made (15yo chestnut) and 2 weeks later we abopted her pasture-mate (7yo bay). We're new horse owners, so everything is new to us, for the most part. I have horse handling in my blood, so while it does not give me knowledge it gives me drive to do right by these mares.

The chestnut was under weight when we adopted her, the rancher claimed that her last foal had been left with her far too long (a year) and had only recently been taken from her. She was so then I could see her ribs and the protruding spine. That being said, she has yet to be under saddle in my care, and has been filling out nicely with an abundance of feed. Not too much, don't want her getting sick from overeating! She and I have been developing our friendship while she recovers her weight, and much as I'm eager to ride her, I'm good with just showering her with affection until I can. She came to us as MCM Carisma, and we shifted it only slightly to Charisma, because she is full of it.

Our second made was adopted at riding weight, but she's a bit more antsy so there hasn't been a lot of riding going on so far. My husband did put her under saddle once and tried to ride her, but she and he were so new to each other that it didn't go so well. He didn't fall off, thankfully, but I think it strained the burgeoning friendship between them. He's been correcting that and bringing her around since. She came to us as MCM Ilusionada, and we shifted it to Illusionada.

Anyway, we noticed pretty early on that Charisma's rear fetlocks were pretty low, and started doing research on it. My husband suspects it's Dropped Fetlock, but since all his reading indicates the only sure way to diagnosis it is an autopsy, we're not all that eager to confirm. He has been treating them with supplemental herbs and vitamins, which appear to have helped some. Both of our mares are currently barefoot, and seem to adjusting well to their new homes.

So that's my story. My mom, aunt, and grandmother all had\have horses, Quarter horses mostly, so the horseman blood is there, but I'm not silly enough to think that means I know enough of anything not to be open to advice and tips along the way. Hence why I joined this site; where better to get breed specific information on my beautiful new friends, than on a breed specific website with potentially knowledgeable people.

At 7:08am on April 26, 2015, Emily Marks said…

Thank you Laura.  I am glad to meet you.  I have a little Peruvian mare - a rescue - she came with the name of Faith, which I did not change.  We are very good friends.  She is a wonder to ride - so smooth and fluid!  I have no idea of her breeding or antecedents - I was told she was originally "extremely expensive", but went down the hill of owners who started out with great enthusiasm and lost money or interest.  I do know she was used as a parade or "show horse" to illustrate the Peruvian gaits - and I have a snapshot of her doing that.  But she was abandoned at some point after that - and that's all I know.  She is a bright red chestnut (even her eyelashes are red) with dark red mane and tail.  Her tail is very long (touches the ground) but her mane is relatively short and a bit 'bush-y'. 

Thank you so much for inviting me to join PHW.  I look forward to long association with you! 

Emily Marks

At 5:34pm on December 14, 2014, Steven Fry said…

Thanks for having me aboard.  I love most horse breeds, and I once owned a beautiful mare, myself, although she was AQHA, and not a Peruvian.  I have seen several Peruvian horse. and even had a short ride on one once.  I've been quite infatuated by Peruvian horses. and that, well known, smooth ride.  If I'm ever able to regain my health and improve my financial situation, I would very much like to return to horseback riding, and a Peruvian is very close to, if not at, the top of my breed list.  In the interim, I'll have to remain as an "affechiano".  Owning and riding a few Peruvian mares, and switching from "affechiano" owner is one of the top items on my bucket list.   

At 9:27pm on December 8, 2014, alberto enrique eduardo yañez ro said…

Gracias por Invitarme, sobre caballos me enseño algo Juan Manuel Rizo Patrón, mi estimado  compañero de Universidad, al cual aprecio mucho por que me quito un complejo. Y tambien a Pepe Dapelo Vargas, con sus estribos de Plata, Yo solo se de toros por que mi Padre vivió toreando 45 años, rompió el récord del Mundo , desde los 12 años hasta los 65 es decir 47 años . Y si se incorpora el Caballo de paso antes de la corridas, llegaremos al Pueblo,  como lo ha sucedido con la gastronomía., te agradezco la invitación  y si algún día quieres aprender  sobre toros, te puedo enseñar a donoren, con películas , viendo corridas, en tentaderos etc, y Seras una embajadora completa Toros Y Caballos de Paso

At 10:54am on October 23, 2014, Jose Francisco Chavarri said…

Thank you so much Laura! pleasure.

At 6:12am on October 23, 2014, Sarah Mbango said…

Thank you kindly.

At 8:36pm on October 22, 2014, Norman Eddie Canchaya Oré said…

Gracias Laura, un abrazo.

At 8:29am on September 30, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Good Morning Laura,

Is there a way to change the order of your photos once they are uploaded?

Thank You!


At 10:23am on August 13, 2014, Michele Ripley said…

Do you know how to get a hold of Jeanette Michaels? I don't know if she is even still around. In the '70s, the PPHRNA had a "beginners guide" to the Peruvian Horse. I've only seen copies of it. The person who had the copies threw them all out when she got out of horses. It was great. There were all sorts great articles and info in the PPHRNA library. I don't know if anyone out there still has them, but it is certainly worth a try. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to find it!

OH! And can you please send me a copy of the documentary on DVD? I never found that either. 

At 12:19pm on July 10, 2014, Tom and Dalene Masden said…

Me again.......I just read Brad's response and I totally agree.  We do not have shoes on any of our horses and they have very healthy feet.  We live in the rocks!!  We are close enough to you that we can assess your horse and offer any help.  Just let us know. 

At 8:52pm on June 23, 2014, Brad Kruger said…

Hi Victoria,

Congratulations on getting a Peruvian horse. Maybe you can ask more specific questions about what help you are looking to receive. That may help getting replies.

I would recommend not using shoes. A horse's hoof will be healthier without shoes. I believe shoes should be used only when absolutely necessary for some reason.

At 10:16pm on June 21, 2014, victoria Querin said…

Thank you.  I am having a bittersweet time with this horse.  I am 68 years old and have owned numerous horses since I was 16 years old.  I have never ridden a Peruvian or a Paso Fino, however I have ridden TWH, Saddlebreds, Standardbreds, and racking horses.  I am not riding this horse because he is so thin yet, and I am around 220 pounds; but majorly I am not riding him because he seemed a little lame.  I took him to the vet and he has slight arthritis on his right front fretlock on the joint on top of the hoof.  Vet said it was because his toes where so long and had probably been that way for a while.  He passed his flexion test and the vet was impressed with his pasterns, saying that some of the Peruvians he had seen and some that his friends have had a lot weaker looking tendons than he has.  We gave him a blocking test and found that he seemed fine except where the arthritis is on his hoof. That is when we xrayed him. I wanted him tested for DSLD, but the vet said he didn’t need to do it, but  if  he didn’t improve to bring him back in and they would take it from there. He is a 7 year old.  I am waiting on his papers.  I wish someone who knows Peruvians could come and give me some advice on this horse.  I have 4 other horses, so it is not like I am not able to enjoy riding.  I really do enjoy taking care of horses, and looking forward to the time when this fellow will fill out and blossom.  I started him on MSM.  I am not a supplement enthusiast.  But I have given him 4 doses now, and I feel that he is doing better.  Also, I feel I have a good horseshoer.  He trimmed his feet and put shoes on him.  I did not think about the horse never being shod before.  I now wonder if the weight of the shoes will make him more uncomfortable.  I purchased him registered, but he was a rescue horse.  The people did not seem to recognize he was slightly lame, since they were round penning him and riding him at a walk only.  I saw that his toes were long and felt that I could offer him some hope.  I was afraid someone would purchase him and not understand what they were dealing with.  That sounds a little arrogant, but it was my train of thought.  Any help you can give me or references to where I can go to get good help would be greatly appreciated.  

At 9:29pm on June 18, 2014, Laura Grant said…

Hi Laura--Thank you so much! All help is welcome. Kind regards, (the other) Laura

At 7:32pm on June 13, 2014, Malika Acosta-Van Kleef said…

Thank you Laura!

At 12:02pm on June 9, 2014, Sonja Parkinson said…

Mary Lou - this site is so interesting and informative - I will let you know how the boots work!


At 2:59pm on June 7, 2014, Mary Lou Marler said…

Laura,  Thank you for the "welcome" to Peruvian Horse World....I am looking forward to interacting with other members and hopefully have contact with others in Arkansas....

I do have a question....Today I received an email from someone who said they are a member of PHW also....Before answering the email, I checked the membership list and did not find the name (although did see the last name)...I have a little paranoia about answering emails since I have heard that hackers use emails to get in to computers....So,  considering that I would be anxious to connect with other members,  how do I assure that the email is from another member????  Perhaps I am being too careful...???

Thank you.

Mary Lou Marler

At 12:15pm on June 5, 2014, Maria Biasiotto said…


Thank you for your response and the information on PP and/or PF. I am looking for a weanling or a sound older P Paso that I could ride now.  I am near Tehachapi, Ca.  Any comments would be helpful. I am interested in trail riding.

Maria B 

At 5:11pm on June 2, 2014, Maria Biasiotto said…

Thank you for your welcome.

I was planning on getting Peruvian Paso colt as a I had a Peruvian Paso gelding in the past.

Now I found a 1 month old PASO FINO colt nearby and may get him. Can I still be a member and ride with Peruvian Paso's?

If you know of a PP colt near me I am still open.

Thank you again.

Maria B

At 10:34am on June 2, 2014, Kathy Brost said…

Thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to learning a lot..

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