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At 7:42pm on April 7, 2015, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Allison

how are you , ? How is Asha ? and the others ?

Well we once again have our place for sale  and hoping this go around we sale,

Down to one horse Our Osadia she is 25 ,Sold Elvis to folks in Idaho Thanksgiving day ,he is 6 years old now, he has been in serious training for trail and they are in love with him. he is adjusting and loves his new mom too, we miss him so much but had to right by him as I can;t ride like I use to ,Osadia is basically retired and now our two goats are her little herd

if we sale I guess we are still considering RV life for at least 6 mons a year,maybe travel and find great beaches and places to fish the other 6 mos.

we have 2 digs 2 cats to consider so life is still as always busy and keeping our 4 legged kids happy and healthy,

Hope you are well and life being good to you , To bad you don;t live closer you would fall in love with Osadia

you take care hug that beautiful Asha ,,Judy

At 8:34pm on July 20, 2014, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Kiddo sorry I haven't been on here much on and off facebook to much and then trying to keep up with things here house for sale Horses For sale

health up and down hubby retired , to hot out to do much making me nuts  started Elvis last summer and hardly been up ,he needs a home to keep him busy he is 15 hands now a big boy ,Osadia is 24 1.2doing good

Asha is all grown up what a beauty she is ,,,lucky girl to have you for a mom

take care


At 1:57pm on May 11, 2014, Judy Choquette said…

Hi Allison say horses looking good Asha is so beautiful ,Hope you and everyone are doing okay,worry about all my friends in areas of storms like ya all get tornadoes are so scary

we are fine and have out home for sale one more time ,I am hunting for more forever home for Elvis ,maybe Osadia too gal in Palestine Texas is interested maybe i twill happen ,,,we have to have new homes for horse sin case we do sale and some how we think we will this year,with God;s blessings, Horses are fine Elvis 5 now time flies ,If I sale to any one for the horses I will put in contract we get visitation rights too, :) But we will be moving to Panama when we sale and have all or things taken care of , we can afford t live there , and no active volcanos there  :) we may visit Ecuador and Peru after we get down there     ,dying to go to the Gallopgos Island to see all those awesome creatures in person,always wanted to see it there, well need to go have a wonder Mothers Day Hugs Judy

At 10:18pm on October 30, 2011, David & Laura Burrell said…

I can imagine that she will be your faithful friend for-ever!  Great work.

At 5:39pm on November 16, 2010, Lee said…
You did a marvelous job rehabilitating this mare :)
At 3:36pm on September 25, 2010, Marco Dapelo M. said…
Thank you for inviting me Allison. Sorry I could not reply before. Long time that I do not open my page. Please, feel free to contact me and really you are not far from me........
I like what you did for your horse. I like your pictures too.
Take care, Marco.
At 10:57am on August 10, 2010, Wilfredo Colindres said…
Gracias y que bonitos caballos tenes!!!....
At 7:05pm on July 23, 2010, Juan Carlos Vélez said…
Thanks. It is really a beatiful horse.
At 12:20pm on July 2, 2010, Doris Loeffler said…

It is obvious that the Lord Knew you were the right person for "Asha". You have done wonders with her. With your love and care, she will blossom. Thank you for doing so well with her and sharing her with Peruvian Horse World.

This is a wonderful sight with fabulous, knowledgeable and caring people to help you with all your questions.

Doris Loeffler
May We Always Have,
At 11:47am on June 27, 2010, Laura Mesia said…

Welcome to Peruvian Horse World! We hope you are enjoying the site.

Laura Mesia
PHW Admin
Peruvian Horse World
At 2:57pm on June 4, 2010, marie-Jose bekkers said…
Hello Allison,
what inspired you to be my friend?
You are most welkom ofcourse. Marie-José
At 3:19pm on June 2, 2010, Annemieke Rorije said…
Hi Allison, thanks for inviting me. Sure I'll be your friend, specially because you're heart must be on the right place. Saving such a poor animal. I hope Asha is doing much better now. How can humans be so cruel, I simply can't understand it. I wish you lots of luck with her.
At 1:06pm on May 30, 2010, Monic said…
Hi Allison, I clicked the wrong button and I accidentally deleted your comment, sorry... could you respond again please? Greetz, Monic
At 4:34pm on May 28, 2010, Yvonne Neal said…
Allison, I saw the pic of ASHA and I have had a few like that. Right now I have a stallion 14 and was in good shape when I got him and now he is losing weight and I don't know why. He is fed more than all my horses and his teeth are ok and is wormed. He paces the fence because my Friesian stallion has mares to breed and Estaban is just beside himself. Going to see if I can find a Peruvian mare to breed him to. Talk to you later. Have a great weekend. Awesome job with ASHA! Keep up the good work. She is very blessed to have you. Yvonne
At 3:02pm on May 28, 2010, Judy Choquette said…
Thank you you are so nice
At 11:39pm on May 27, 2010, Monic said…
Hi Allison! Thanks for inviting me as a friend. I deeply respect your 'work' with Asha. I have a simular story with my own horse Alima. I bought her when she was 3 years old and she came from a very bad place. We've had our challanges with her behaviour and health but as you can see on the picture, she is a beautiful looking almost 9 years old horse with a great spirit. All I gave her was lots of love, good natural food and a lot of freedom. If you got any questions please ask them. Paso Peruano horses are special, they are super sensitive and intelligent and will do anything for you if they trust you. I hope we keep in touch! Greetz, Monic from The Netherlands
At 9:25am on May 27, 2010, Judy Choquette said…
Hi It is so nice and rewarding when they make their decision to love you back.It sure makes ya feel good and smile too when they call to you or for you. :)
Oh I use the spray like PAM for mane and tails
but use the Olive Oil type in spray can
it stays for days and makes their tails supper soft and helps them not to tangle comb goes through real easy in between times

I am sure one day she will be a very bonded reliable mount for you.

I am happy you found her
I wish most state laws were harder on animal abusers
At 6:10pm on May 26, 2010, Judy Choquette said…
Grazings fine but becareful she doesn't over eat green pasture I have ad many people tell me to use a grazing muzzle until a horse adjusts it's system to nice green grass or limit time ona nd off all day that way they can as simulate the things in green grass better but never ever feed mowed lawn or grass
it is dangerous that way.
we want to move to Tills Hill Country maybe not sure yet but if we do I will let you know where I would love to see your pretty girl in person
she looks Peruvian no papers no biggy really if you wanted to breed her or show her only reason to have them I guess
At 6:04pm on May 26, 2010, Judy Choquette said…
Thank you they are also very smart never miss judge them for brains
they know every word you say I know folks that don't believe that but I do and they have proved to me they do.

This a very smart breed and will do their best to get around doing anything they do not like.
like all children I guess
At 5:49pm on May 26, 2010, Lee said…
Thanks Allison! We just love Arwen...she was a big surprise to us! Her color, that is. And the fact that she gaits like there's no tomorrow. I acquired my Peruvian after Bree (my TWH mare) was confirmed pregnant. She was young, so I didn't want to push riding her with the foal. I have been riding her in parades and trails and fun shows, she is just a blast!

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