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At 12:28pm on June 14, 2013, Doris Loeffler said…

Hi Kim:

Glad you like my page. I do have a lot of other "stuff" when you go on

I never had a horse in my life, until I was in my 50's and retired. I always wanted them. First I didn't have enough money to properly care for them. Then when I did have the money, I didn't have the time. Between my husband and I, we worked 5 jobs, in order to be able to retire early and find a place to have horses.

When we found our retirement home, I started taking lessons in western riding, then a sister in law suggested I take Dressage lessons for balance.

This was all on QH's and paints and other none gaited horses. I still didn't know a thing about "gaited horses".

Don told me, I don't want a "bouncy," so I told a friend who had a friend with a Peruvian. That was it we both fell in love with them.

We went to the shows, tried several out and have been happy ever since.

We trail ride with several gaited horse friends as we all got started in a all gaited drill team. That was great for the horse and rider to work with other horses, but when the guys all stopped the drill team and started watching all of us. They got to laughing about how all the gaits were hitting the ground all different gaits. 

We have all found that no matter what breed of horse we have, we should learn about that breed and its' gait. So go to the clinics and talk to the experts. Go to the All gaited shows. It doesn't cost a thing to walk around and talk to the owners. Get on the horses and try them out.

When you do decide to buy, look around, buy from a reliable breeder. Think of it like a car.

None of us know everything about the breed we have, like trainers I have had, even they take classes and try to learn as much about the breed that they work with. You and your horse will be by far better off.

Doris Loeffler

May We Always Have,


At 10:16am on May 7, 2013, Christine Mackey said…

Thanks, Kym.  I'm still learning how to use this site but I think eventually I'll get the hang of it.  Chris

At 3:38pm on March 17, 2013, Cesareo Texidor said…

Kim if you are looking for a Peruvian mare who won the Canadian Wild West show pleasure horse.  Let me know We are WildHorse Creek Hacienda, in Pendleton Oregon my Cell is 541-240-4135

At 10:23am on December 19, 2012, Cathy said…

Hi Kim, I have accepted your friend request. I live in Tehachapi. I have had horses for around 35 years and always quarters, paints, mixed breeds, TB's and the like. I have trained for the past 15 years, both people and colt starting.The last colt I strarted was a 4 yo peruvian not even halter broke. I was amaized by his quick learning and smoothness. He was then abandoned at my ranch as his owners failed to pay and said just keep him. This was not great for me as he is quite small and I like a bigger horse. Then!  I broke my neck and back last Christmas eve 2011. Before you think it WASN'T horse related just a bad fall in the house and no I wasn't drinking. Those seem to be the first questions. I haven't been able to get back on a horse yet but it will be any day now that I do. I feel that this peruvian was given to me for a reason. he is so smooth and now after a year of ground work and hiking with me so I can gain my strenght back, he will bring me back to riding!

At 5:23pm on November 12, 2011, Heather Batkin said…

Hi Kym,

I have some input and comments for you about training but don't want to stick my neck out there on public forum. (have done so before and got some pretty aggressive response)  Reason being - there are various factions in the Peruvian Horse scene (as in most breeds) 1. the purist/strictly traditionalist(usually financially and ego driven) and 2. the want to have fun pleasurists but still want to get it as right as possible.  At a guess that would be you?  I also am one of the latter.

If you want to have a discussion about what i have found in my 'learning curve' (and I can tell you it was a HUGE and expensive one) feel free to email me at   You can give your phone# if you wish and i can call you for a chat.  I am also starting a gaited horse lovers group on facebook called 'Gaited horse NZ' for everyone to share their ideas and experiences.

I hope you are not offended by my direct comments above - just speaking from experience - and would love to be of help to you in any small way i can as a fellow pleasure rider.

At 11:42am on June 23, 2011, Tambopampa - Paso Rides in Peru said…
you're welcome !!
At 9:08am on May 4, 2011, Laura Mesia said…

Hi Kym-

Welcome to Peruvian Horse World! We are glad to have you join us here and hope you enjoy the site.

Laura Mesia

PHW Admin

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