Don and I started working on the trailer on Thurs. getting all the tack and feed for Shalimar into the Horse Trailer.

Friday we fed the horses and put them out on the pasture for a few hours before I had to put Shalimar in. I even had time to bring the horses in for lunch, and grain, and a rest. Then the fun began. Before the horses knew what hit them, Shalimar was in the trailer and I was heading down the road.

I pulled into Gina's place. We transferred all my stuff into her trailer and then we got her Champion of Champion Missouri Fox Trotter, "Chocolat" put him into her trailer and transferred TTR Shalimar into the trailer.

The trip was 3 1/2 hrs. from Creswell to Gold Hill (Grants Pass area). It was great arriving safely at Bob and Laurie's beautiful ranch. They had the stalls all ready for our "kiddies"

The next morning everyone started arriving. Horses, people and rigs, all over the place. Some had come to observe only. There were three Peruvian Horses and riders and two gals that were observers that had Peruvians at home. We even had folks from CA. Of course, Bob and Laurie also have Peruvians. They didn't have time to bring their horses in as they were busy making sure all our needs were met.

It was hot, 90+ degrees. So I was melting half the time. Shalimar loved going over all the boards and around the cones. The mailbox was fine as long as we opened it on her left side, so I worked her on her right side. It was all very interesting to Shalimar. So many different horses and things to do.

We arrived at Gina's home around 8pm on Sunday. Then we transferred my stuff back over to my rig and off I went into the night. Two very tired, but happy horse and rider.

We wish to thank Bob and Laurie for being the perfect host and hostess and Gina for a very enjoyable and learning experience.

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