As I was feeding the horses at 5:30am I noticed we were getting some fog.

By 7am as I was leaving to meet everyone at the truck stop to caravan down to Wincher Bay, we still had it.

Don and Sue were already there when I arrived. Then Bob and Linda and shortly after that Lynn arrived. Four rigs headed down the road. The fog was light and in spots, so it wasn't bad.

By the time we met up with Gay and Mavis in Scottsburg the fog had lifted and the rest of the day the weather was perfect.

Peruvianpasofun wishes to thank Mavis for hosting such a fabulous day. We met a lot of Mavis' friends from her area. Dianna and Grinnell and Sue also joined us at the house for a fabulous pot luck meal, after the ride.

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Comment by FC on September 26, 2009 at 7:02am
super cool

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