How many of you out there have horses that DNA 1 color but appears to be another. i.e. tests palomino but looks cremello at birth. Is a peachy color with both parents chestnut. Or, is chestnut but has paler skin under the dock.

The pictured filly - FF Amberina - is a palomino pearl. Sorry, not a very good pic but is all I've got. Her mother is dna'd black pearl and produced this to a buckskin. Amberina DNA'd palomino.

I would love to hear from any of you with similar horses and also what their bloodlines are so we can try and figure which lines they are typical to.


By the way, since posting this discussion my black pearl mare FF Ayacuchana's 2nd foal to my cremello stallion has had a smoky black pearl filly.  Her name is SR(NZ) Saliente and she can be seen on my website and also i have some pics of her on my page here and facebook.

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Hallo I know from a Mare in Germany who has three fillis in cream/pearl/look, looks here:


Hi Daja,

it's great to hear from you.  I have looked at your links but unfortunately the descriptions are not in english (sorry, i'm mono-lingual, lol) so it's hard to know which is what.

I see that Gitano-suave (sire) is buckskin, is this correct? For him to be the color he is he can only carry a single cream gene - no pearl.

 Is mum Felisch de Timbalero?  She looks dark chestnut.  For her to produce an apparently double cream - blue eyes and pink skin at birth - she has to be the pearl carrier.


Sorry, i would love to discuss further but have to drop my daughter off somewhere.  Some clearer pics with details would be great and maybe put them in a folder for this group.

You also might like to look up the color website



I had a gelding that was overall chestnut with alot of white in his coat (including head and legs so not a roan).  He also had a white mane and tail, white wide blaze.  As you looked down his legs the amount of white hair increased until it sort of faded to white.  In winter he looks frosted in summer he looks almost pink.  Dam was a chestnut (Pachacuti), Sire was bay (Dulce Sueno).  Never color dna'd.

Hi Ricki,

thanks for taking the time to check out the discussion :)

From your description i suspect your gelding may have had some unusual expression of Sabino rather than Pearl.  Or maybe a bay silver roan (silver dilutes black only and goes paler down the legs) He sounds beautiful, do you have any pics of him??  I would love to see him.

There is a fantastic color site with information on all colors from a basic explanation on how the base color codes work through to all dilutes and modifications 

You could contact Barb - the creator of these pages and she may be able to identify what he is.


I find unusual colors fascinating and have noticed the PP breed seems to have it's fair share of 'different' coloring and markings...maybe we should start a photo album for this group, of ours.





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