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At 3:38pm on February 6, 2013, Meghan M said…

Hi Heather

I have been had my wesite for about 8 months now,

The horse that I am saving up for is called, Dario, he is a Thoroughbred cross Peruvian, I think he is somewhere betwee 8-10, and he is dark brown with a star on his forhead.

Lorraine Hogg is who I am buying him off of.

We meet two weeks ago, at the TKVH Horse Encounters, at her farm, Emily stayed down for a few days as well.





At 4:12am on July 1, 2012, Lisa Potash said…

Hi Heather

You now have a friend in Israel! Just starting my PP under saddle, will try and post pics. Have a great trail riding day, Lisa

At 4:10am on July 1, 2012, Lisa Potash said…

Hi Heather

You now have a PP fanatic friend in Israel! My son is now starting my 2 year old PP and am so excited, even though it will probably be months until he feels that I can ride him, and we will probably have him gelded soon also (even though I love the spirit and look of a stallion) it is not safe to ride a stallion with other horses on trail rides and safety comes first... anyhews, would love to talk to you... have a great trail riding day Lisa

At 10:13am on April 20, 2012, jocelyn lees said…

Thankyou Heather for such a lovely welcome.

At 6:10pm on April 1, 2012, Robbie Rivardo said…

Hi,  Thank you too for the email. Reina is a dream and rode her today for 6 hours with other pure bred Peruvians.  Lots of fun and would love to have another. Do you know of any location in the US?  I have access to great Stallions but at 5 I am not ready to give her up for any amount of time.  Are you on FB. If so, I am listed as robbie dunbar rivardo.  Love to see some picts. I have also taken Reina to several Fox Hunts and she is a dream over the smaller jumps.  Like you said elegant and so versatile.

At 9:39pm on February 26, 2012, Asharani Kat said…

Hi Heather , thankyou so much for your email ! I shall definately give Kris a call . . . You have a lovely day !!!

At 1:33pm on February 23, 2012, Asharani Kat said…

Thankyou Heather , It will be great to keep up with all the news , such a wonderful breed , and  none in the Gold Coast area at all as far as i know . . .




At 1:10pm on February 23, 2012, Asharani Kat said…

Thankyou Heather , what a great website, they really are a superb breed , and so rare down here in Australia , with only three small studs . . . i shall look forward to keeping up with all the PP news !!!



At 3:59pm on November 12, 2011, Kym Anaya said…

Thanks for the add :)

At 7:02pm on August 23, 2011, Linda Garro said…

hi Heather,

I am selling my Peruvian stallion SCR Romanico Dos.  Was wondering if you'd be intrested.  He comes from very strong, long lived bloodlines.

you can see him at http://picasaweb.google.com/jalapenorojo/romanicodosscr

thanks, Linda

At 4:16pm on May 5, 2011, Jill O'Brien said…
Thanks for the welcome Heather, don't know if I'll be diligent enough to keep up with these websites - being outside with the horses is more appealing, but it's good to chat to fellow peruvian enthusiasts.  Gearing up for our trip south to Kris' - will be good to catch up with you then, as you said.  Had a call from Cheryl Aldridge last night, and talked for ages - wishing she had time to come north for a visit.  She didn't know about the seminar in NSW - I'll send her details and directions IN CASE she finds some time, but sounds like she is soooo busy.
At 12:14am on February 5, 2011, Sheri Rodriguez said…


Thanks for thre imput Heather. I will keep you posted


At 12:21am on February 2, 2011, Sheri Rodriguez said…


I have one of Debbie Duttons Horses. Do you remember the beautiful colt Born in may 2006 he is a really dark bay with 4 white socks. I have him. I call him Princepe. He is still a stallion and Debbie is telling me to cut him. He is the most beautiful horse in every way. He rides like  a dream and is very well behaved. He is 5 now and ready to bread but I have no wear to bread. I am thinking about selling him. Do you know anyone who would be interested.

My name is Sheri Rodriguez I am on this we site and so are Princepes pics.

If you are interested call me 714 904 8843 Or email me at wantaloanow@yahoo.com

Thanks Sheri Rodriguez

At 1:05am on January 9, 2011, Laura Read-Mills said…
Hi Heather, Thanks for the welcome. I am hunting for the group on FB now. I am soooo excited. Stella said Senerata was mated on the 4/12/10 so if my workings are right thn the foal is due on Armistice day this year. I have made the goal of riding around the south island for my 40th which is 7 years away so it would be awesome to be able to ride my peruvian....love the sound of that...for this dream trek
At 4:57pm on November 16, 2010, Donna Smith said…
Thanks for the invitation. The same goes for you. If you aren't in my area specifically I'll find a Peruvian farm near where you are.
At 11:10pm on November 15, 2010, Donna Smith said…
Hi Heather!

I much prefer my Peruvians but the finos are my second choice. The Peruvians are generally larger and with a calmer temperment. They were designed for a longer stride which is smoother than the shorter stride of the paso fino to me. The finos tend to jiggle. I also love the termino and no other breed has that. I have yet to be in a parade where someone failed to say "Look! That horse is marching!".

Peruvians also will guarantee gait to foals. The Paso Finos out crossed with trotting horses and began losing gait. When I bought my first Peruvian he was also registered as a Paso Fino and I was told they were using Peruvians to help put the gait back in. A friend raised Paso Finos and told me their National Champion the year earlier was a Peruvian. They have since stopped this practice I understand but that was less than 20 years ago.

I have heard them described as "cousins" where one is more of a race car and the other more luxury.

It's hard to go wrong with Spanish and gaited! The best of the best.
At 8:13pm on January 8, 2010, Kathryn Grossman said…
The filly, Saliente, looks like she will be a grulla? Yes, very unusual color. But they do change from what they look like at birth... someone more experienced than me would be able to tell you what she will turn out to be. As for the Rose Parade, it was seen on TV even in Ecuador! I am ordering the combination video of EquestFest and Parade from RFD-TV - a TV station we have in the states devoted to horses and farming, and country western music. They were a big sponsor.
At 9:10pm on October 31, 2008, Pam Johnston said…
Hi Heather! No, I have not sent the video yet. I am still trying to get it transferred to a DVD disc for you...I hope to get it done very soon...I apologise for the long wait. But, as they say, good things are worth waiting for, eh? LOL! I hope I can send it off to you very soon. Thank you for being so patient.
Best, Pam
At 8:02pm on October 2, 2008, JORGE BENDEZU (grillo) said…
Hi Heather, thank you for your email....yes he was a wonderful
horse and he gave me great satifaction showing him. I won
many a champ of champ breeding stallion titles back in the 1980's
in California. George Bendezu
At 10:56pm on August 23, 2008, Pam Johnston said…
Hello Heather! I have a wonderful video on the Peruvian Paso horse that I am going to transfer onto a DVD disc for you and mail it to you in New Zealand. Please email me your mailing address and I will send it to you asap. Please email me privately on my page .
I know you will enjoy the disc when it arrives. Have you heard anymore from Mimi about registering horses through the Peruvian Horse Assoc. of Canada?

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